“Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle” Shape Shifts With Robofusion Technique



Bandai Namco Games America has released new multiplayer versus battle screenshots to detail the Tenkai Knight fighting technique called Robofusion that’s featured in the Nintendo 3DS title Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle.

With Robofusion, players will engage in a high level of shapeshifting which occurs when Tenkai energy is perfectly in sync to create a robot that is more powerful than any individual robot unit. The Tenkai Knights can enter Robofusion mode with an ally to combine powers and utilize combo attacks to defeat their enemies.

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A screenshot has also been released of the previously announced Limited Edition bundle that features a red metallic Bravenwolf figure that will be sold exclusively at Target stores in the U.S. Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle comes out on the Nintendo 3DS October 7, 2014 and retails at $29.99.

Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle

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