‘Private Property’ Gets 4K Restoration Premiere At TCM Fest



Warren Oates was a favorite of directors Sam Peckinpah (Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia, The Wild Bunch) and Monte Hellman (Two-Lane Blacktop, Cockfighter) and now the character actor will be spotlighted thanks to Cinelicious Pics with the re-release of the 1960 thriller Private Property. The 4K restoration of the feature premieres at the 7th Annual TCM Classic Film Festival, which runs April 28-May 1st in Hollywood.

The movie was directed for a low budget by Leslie Stevens, who’s best known as the creator of the successful TV series The Outer Limits. Stevens reportedly shot the movie at his Hollywood Hills, Ca. residence (his then wife Kate Manx also starred in the picture).

Private Property’s storyline centers on two Southern California drifters (Oates, Allen) who wander into the Beverly Hills home of a frustrated housewife (Manx). Since both men carry homicidal instincts, the woman’s life obviously hangs in the balance. Ted McCord, who lensed The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Sound of Music, and East of Eden, is the film’s cinematographer.

“In considering titles for Cinelicious Pics’ first round of restorations and re-releases, Private immediately leapt to mind as a film crying out for restoration and re-release theatrically and on Blu-ray and VOD,” commented Paul Korver, Cinelicious Pics’ Founder. “Working with our colleagues at UCLA Film & Television Archive and utilizing the talents of our parent company, Cinelicious, we’ll be re-releasing the film using the best possible elements.”

For more info on the TCM Classic Film Festival, please go here.

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