Pastor Wayne Chaney Jr. Talks Faith Journey With Antioch Church

Pastor Wayne Chaney Jr. preaches the good word at Antioch Church of Long Beach, and as a member of the reality series Preachers of L.A. his reach continues to extend beyond the California boundaries.

For Chaney Jr., being an effective pastor doesn’t solely rest on one’s charisma or delivery. Any sermon on the proverbial mount may bring the message across, but faith is a shared experience and when pastors relate their struggles while preaching the gospels, that bond can only grow stronger.

“Any pastor worth his salt has experienced brokenness in some phase in their life,” says Chaney Jr. “They’ve been broken down to the point where nothing else satisfies that inner hunger but God. I think that’s why people relate to the best pastors around. It may not be just their delivery style or their innovation in ministry – people realize that (pastors) have been broken by the same things that they are experiencing. That goes a long way and that’s what resonates with most people.”

I asked Pastor Wayne Chaney Jr. about the mentors he seeks for advice. Click on the media bar below for his answer:

Season two of Preachers of L.A. begins tonight (Oxygen, 10 pm et/pt)

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