Goldie Hawn Voices New Sleep Story For Mindful ‘Moshi Twilight’ App

As a nanny to my loving niece, I have a huge (and obvious) emotional investment in her well being. At 48, meditation and well being has rarely been part of my life, but thanks to her I’ve downloaded the Moshi Twilight app. A new Goldie Hawn sleep story was recently added to the app, and check out my post for my thoughts on why Moshi Twilight is worth your time.

“Goldie the Mindful Moshling,” voiced by Goldie Hawn, introduces the new character Goldie into the Moshi universe. Under this 30 minute sleep story, Goldie explores how mindfulness helps promote sweet dreams come twilight time. My niece, who turned 3 a couple of months ago, has been having nightmares most evenings, giving my sister and brother-in-law the lack of any semblance of deep sleep. Hopefully the sleep story of Hawn, along with the other stories, sounds and music featured in the app will help change that course (the Moshi Twilight website claims the app has over 30 hours of audio content).

“All children in the world are our most precious resource for a happier, healthier tomorrow. They deserve all we can give them to thrive and succeed in this sometimes challenging world,” said Hawn.

The app is a collaboration between Mind Candy and the well-being app Calm.

“We’re thrilled that Goldie Hawn has joined us by voicing our latest Sleep Story,” said Mind Candy CEO Ian Chambers. “Our Moshi Twilight tales – including Goldie’s journey of discovery – subtly allude to qualities we’d all hope to possess, from kindness and gratitude to self-belief and optimism, helping kids relax and fall asleep. Goldie’s commitment to mindfulness and helping combat the growing issues of bedtime anxiety and sleeplessness is second to none. ‘Goldie the Mindful Moshling’ provides little listeners with a comforting way to drift off to sleep while reminding them of the positive power of mindfulness in their waking lives.”

I’ve downloaded the app for a 7-day free trial basis just to give the 411 to my sister, and I absolutely enjoyed “Goldie the Mindful Moshling.” The sleep story, along with Hawn’s gentle storytelling, has lush and soothing instrumentation in the background (the chorus is “Goldie, look inside your mind”). I’ve been trying to teach the importance of imagination to my niece, and this sleep story will definitely come in handy.

Truth be told I’m also using the app for myself, as the sounds of “The Waves of Lake Neon Soup” and music of “Cosi Fan Tutte Twit-Twoo” are placing me in a much less neurotic state. After your free week trial is over, it’s $34.99 for the year ($49.99 for a 1 year recurring standard account). Moshi Twilight is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store.

Though I’m not a parent, I’ve witnessed on a secondhand basis at how a child’s sleep directly affects the restfulness of his or her parents. If I was a dad, I’d definitely add this to my nighttime playlist spin for my child (even this middle-aged man uses a bit of wishful imagination!).

If you download the app and give it a whirl, feel free to comment below and offer up your opinions on Moshi Twilight!

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