Elle Fanning Wears Vintage Halston For ‘Trumbo’ Shoot


Elle Fanning (Maleficent, Somewhere) plays Niki Trumbo, the daughter of blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in the Jay Roach (The Campaign, Game Change) directed feature Trumbo. Opening November 6, the movie centers on how Trumbo continued to flourish through the blacklist (under a pseudonym) with a slew of first rate scripts (including Gun Crazy and The Brave One).

For Elle Fanning, one of the wonderful aspects of making Trumbo was talking to Niki Trumbo, as their correspondence started with a healthy share of informative e-mails.  “(Niki) was so open and willing to answer anything,” said Fanning. “She would send me back paragraphs to the answers of my questions specifically about the relationship that she had with her dad and how it was a very unique one. I was so happy to play her.”

In the Soundcloud audio below, Elle Fanning talks about getting to wear a vintage Halston dress for Trumbo (Bryan Cranston is also heard, in humorous fashion, at the beginning of the clip):

To check out how Bryan Cranston prepped for playing Dalton Trumbo, please go to Hollywood Outbreak.

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