Director Joe Marcantonio Was Ready To Take Risks With Thriller Infused ‘Kindred’

The first rate psychological thriller stars Tamara Lawrance, Fiona Shaw, and Jack Lowden.


A psychological thriller filled with family underpinnings, Kindred is a narrative that continues to resonate. A week ago I interviewed Joe Marcantonio, the filmmaker who makes his feature directing debut with Kindred. I love the film’s uncompromising nature as well as its eye catching visual storyteling. My video interview with Marcantonio is below!


Tamara Lawrance as “Charlotte” in Joe Marcantonio’s KINDRED. Courtesy of IFC Midnight. An IFC Midnight Release

After her boyfriend’s (Edward Holcroft) sudden passing, a pregnant Charlotte (Tamara Lawrance) moves in with her mother-in-law Margaret (Fiona Shaw) and brother-in-law Thomas (Jack Lowden). Living in a spacious estate should be a plus for the distraught Charlotte, but familial love can be extremely suffocating.

Margaret and Thomas are a bit too hands on with Margaret’s pregnancy, and she tries her best to escape their clutches. Kindred’s atmosphere is definitely foreboding and mysterious, and within that world director Joe Marcantonio has also crafted an uncompromising story. If you’re expecting a thriller that will bend to your expectations, think again.

“I always wanted to try and make films that take risks,” said Marcantonio, whose love for filmmaking was partly influenced by his father, a commercial TV writer. “If you make a film that is just fine, then there’s no point in making films, really. You want to make an effort to make a film that has something to say. And if it fails, at least you’ve taken a risk to make something interesting.”

During the interview, Marcantonio explained why he did not want Kindred to be a “kitchen sink drama” or too “theatrical” in tone. He also talks about shooting a standout monologue from Fiona Shaw and candidly details how making his first movie took years of hard work.

Kindred hits theaters, digital platforms, and Cable VOD November 6.

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