Daisy Betts Talks ‘Childhood’s End’ & Character’s “Driving Force”

Childhood's End - Season 1


Premiering tonight on SyFy, Childhood’s End centers on the peaceful invasion of Earth by an alien race called the Overlords. Ricky Stormgren (Mike Vogel) is the human who is picked by the Overlords to be their messenger to the people of Earth, with Daisy Betts co-starring as Ellie, Ricky’s wife.

Childhood's End - Season 1
CHILDHOOD’S END — Pictured: (l-r) Mike Vogel as Ricky Stormgren, Daisy Betts as Ellie — (Photo by: Narelle Portanier/Syfy)

Though the technological and medical advances the Overlords bring to Earth may seem to profoundly heal the world of various maladies, an alien takeover is almost never a good thing. Considering the source material comes from Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal 1953 novel, Childhood’s End may not be a sunshine driven tale of peace and coexistence.

In the video below, Betts talks about the different forms of utopia her character experiences in Childhood’s End, and she explains why Ellie wishes the Overlords never crossed their path.

I’ve also been a fan of Betts’ earlier work, most notably the surreal and genre bending series Persons Unknown (it’s use of a Chinese restaurant, just fyi, is purely sublime) and the under appreciated show Last Resort. I asked Betts if she sees a common thread with various characters, and her answer is below:

Childhood’s End premieres tonight on SyFy (8/7c).

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