‘Constantine’ Is Ready For Some Friday Night Hellblazing


Keanu Reeves initially tried the role in the 2005 movie, and now Matt Ryan (Criminal Minds) gives John Constantine a shot with the NBC series Constantine.

Executive produced by David S. Goyer (Da Vinci’s Demons), Constantine is based on the popular DC Comics series Hellblazer. Although John Constantine isn’t a hero blessed with the powers of Superman, he does have a knack for communicating with spirits that inhabit our all too human world.

“There’s obviously a lot of pressure when you’re doing such an iconic character,” says Ryan. “What’s great about it is that there’s such amazing source material and at any time I feel a loss for anything I can always pick up a comic book. Which is great fun.”

Check out the video below as Matt Ryan explains the popularity behind Constantine.

Constantine premieres tonight on NBC (10 pm et/pt)

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