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CinemAddicts Ep. 75: ‘Lucky’ ‘Blade Runner 2049’ ‘Wonderstruck’

Episode 75 of CinemAddicts is up as Anderson Cowan and I discuss movies we want to check out in October. Plus, Cowan recaps the state of the state of Groupers and his two favorite September releases (mother! and It), I have a synchronistic The Tales of Hoffman experience. Full breakdown and audio of the show is below (btw – shout out to Atticus!!).

Show opening: Anderson opens the show strong with his update on Groupers (he’s encouraged by the progress) and I attempt to deliver an equally entertaining story about my experience with director Michael Powell’s The Tales of Hoffman. Needless to say, I failed!


8:13- Anderson gives his takes on It and mother! (we also do a redux on our opinions on The Fountain). BTW, Cowan called me Bryan once again (which I’m cool with ‘cuz no one remembers me ‘cept my Mom and niece).

Last Rampage

12:23: I review Last Rampage which is headlined by Robert Patrick, who’s excellent as escaped convict Gary Tison. Directed by Dwight Little, the flick is filled with solid performances (including Heather Graham as Gary’s wife and Bruce Davison as the sheriff who’s hot on Tison’s trail). Anderson Cowan also has an anecdote about Filter frontman Richard Patrick (Robert’s bro), who coincidentally scored the film.

Charlotte Le Bon & Tom Hughes in “Realive.”

15:10:  Realive is a futuristic drama about a successful, artistic advertising guy named Marc (Tom Hughes) who is diagnosed with throat cancer. He decides to freeze body and wakes up years later and gradually regrets his decision. Might be too cerebral for some movie lovers, but I really dug this movie (Realive director Mateo Gil penned Open Your Eyes and The Sea Inside, and if you love those flicks, you might appreciate the non-linear, romantic tone of this). Co-stars Charlotte Le Bon and Oona Chaplin. Anderson Cowan also mentions the Atom Egoyan film Ararat in this segment. I gave Realive gets four stars (****)

Speaking of four stars, good buddy Anderson Cowan talks about my three star rating system!!

Lucky - Harry Dean Stanton
David Lynch and Harry Dean Stanton in LUCKY, a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

22:43  Everyone’s Lucky praising this flick about this elderly loner (Harry Dean Stanton) who’s living in a remote desert town. I gave it five stars (*****) and currently it’s my favorite film from 2017. The late Stanton knocks his role out of the park, and the ensemble cast each have wonderful moments on screen. Anderson, who’s a fan of Stanton’s work in Wild at Heart, also has a great anecdote about Tom Skerritt (Picket Fences), who delivers the movie’s most memorable scene!!

Blade Runner 2049
Jared Leto in “Blade Runner 2049.” CR: Stephen Vaughan

32: 40: Anderson’s first pick for October is Blade Runner 2049. Atticus also chimes in during this segment. BTW Anderson isn’t a huge fan of Blade Runner – and I haven’t really seen the film since its initial release. I’ll definitely catch it before watching Blade Runner 2049.


36:06  – I review the documentary flick Dina. Definitely a memorable experience and I didn’t mention this during the review, but this documentary has a horrific sequence that really spotlight’s Dina’s resilience. Atticus also makes an appearance during the sequence.

Better Watch Out
Better Watch Out

39:40  – I really loved Better Watch Out and if you love black comedy driven suburban home invasion thrillers, then this should be your cup of tea. Flick stars The Visit actors Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould and Pan’s Levi Miller. The less you read about this movie, the better. A bunch of unexpected moments occur in the story, and this was a total pleasure to watch.

The Meyerowitz Stories
The Meyerowitz Stories

52:52 – Anderson covers The Meyerowitz Stories and we discuss back and forth about Adam Sandler’s dramatic acting chops.

1:00:43 – Another film Anderson is excited to watch is Wonderstruck, which is directed buy Todd Haynes. We also share our absolutely different opinions of Carol.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer
The Killing of a Sacred Deer

1:09:53 – Anderson elaborates on why he’s excited about The Killing of a Sacred Deer. He loves director Yargos Lanthimos’ Dogtooth and sections of The Lobster. This segment is Anderson’s deepest cinematic dive of the ep, as he also delves into the Yargos movie The Alps.

1:14:24 – We do a giveaway each episode, and the winner of my review copy of The Book of Henry is….Alex Vallejos!!!

***Thank you guys for all the support, and remember we amass our meager funds via our Ebay and Walmart clickthrough on the website. More importantly, for details on the Camp Fundraiser that Anderson mentions, go here.

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