Benjamin McKenzie Braves “Gotham” Sans Caped Crusader

Benjamin McKenzie & Donal Logue in "Gotham." Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX

We’ve witnessed the Caped Crusader’s origin story with the Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins) and Tim Burton (Batman) features, and with the new Fox series Gotham another hero’s background will come to light. Benjamin McKenzie, TV alum of the acclaimed series Southland, plays Detective James Gordon, a lawman bent on restoring a crumbling Gotham into a shiny and livable metropolis.

Like McKenzie, Gotham cast member Donal Logue (he plays Detective Harvey Bullock) has had his share of success on television and received his share of praise for the gone too soon TV series Terriers. Both Southland and Terriers needed their share of exposure to the audience, but with Gotham the hype machine is definitely on full blast. Logue understands that he and McKenzie are in a very good place with Gotham.

“We’ve done work we’re really proud of, we’ve been in these things that have been like real family. But no (I’ve) never stepped into a situation where you didn’t have to fight and try to explain, ‘this is what or show is about and it’s called this.’ So to have that functional wave to sit on already – it’s crazy. Even when they were talking about the casting and there was a rumor that I was Gordon or whatever – my friends were like ‘dude you have to check out the internet.’ People (were) just waiting for information about who’s going to be on the show and who’s doing what.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Benjamin McKenzie explain why Gotham is not just for Batman fans:

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