Austin Keeps It Weird With The Little Longhorn Saloon And Brown’s BBQ

 I was on a quiet farm located all the way up in Central Maine during Thanksgiving weekend. I was celebrating the holiday weekend with my boyfriend’s amazing family and it was an absolute winter wonderland. I just arrived in the nick of time, before we got snowed in. There was no power, no electricity, no way to have bathroom or shower privileges (yes, there was an outhouse and snow involve!.) It was everything a Hallmark Movie tries to recreate, and more.

Texas State Capitol

We finished dinner and head to the “barn” to unwind and listen to the records of my boyfriend’s dad. We drank some wine and relaxed, with not a care in the world. Amidst the Central Maine snowstorm my phone rang. 

A friend from New York whom I worked with for years in NYC. He and his lady just moved to Austin and they constantly raved about how amazing it was. Everyone who moves out of NYC loves to rave about all that space.  Shoeboxes suck, and New Yorkers are all aware and envious of it. We politely chatted for a few minutes before I said “Okay, Nate.. what do you need?”

He chuckled and proposed a job opportunity. He needed me to come down- every month just for the weekends and help consult/ train their staff in order to get them up to speed. I didn’t have much going on in NYC, so I decided to go for it. I came back to NYC packed and ready to go. I didn’t know anything about the city and what to expect, but I got on my Delta flight ready to explore.

        Austin, did and will always hold a special place in my heart. The moment I landed, I felt as ease. It was such a calming effect. I understood what everyone else was saying. The last time I felt that way was when I landed in Mexico City. It just felt like I was at home, and it was absolutely refreshing.

Brown’s BBQ

I had an Uber to take me to the closest BBQ joint and landed at Brown’s BBQ . It was the out of this world. Yes, it wasn’t Franklin’s but it was not to far behind. Its a cute little “taco truck” looking bbq joint that is perfectly situated in the parking lot of a bar located on Lamar St. I ordered and was greeted by the nicest people. The owner recommended the brisket sandwich and a side of hot collard greens. In typical Texas fashion they were sweet as pie.

I went into the bar, got my three dollar beer, and chowed down. I was so elated that Austin was welcoming and exciting. Rainey Street is obviously the go to place.  It’s an area with a plethora of bars with a single family bungalow aesthetic where the music is always live and jamming and the local beers are pouring.

Once you make your way down the street. A little local recommendation for a good time, with a lot of energy & defiantly a BIG Texas vibe is The Little Longhorn Saloon:  It’s the ultimate place for chaos (in the best way) and Texas culture. They offer “Chicken S**t Bingo” – yes, you heard me. Chicken S**t Bingo!!

The chicken’s name is Jenny and she walks with sass because she has a big ass. There is a big pay out, so many folks come to pony up. So any fellow gambler would greatly appreciate this venue to go, observe, and play. Beer can’t be that sh***y right????!!

        All in all Austin was an interesting but a humble place for me. The town is super active and it’s very dog friendly (literally everyone has a dog). It’s a place you want to work out and be healthily aware as well as listen to all the great live music and let your hair down. It’s where students, tourist, young professionals, college, and the new tech wave are calling this their new home. I had a great time and will always love it.

It s place where their saying is “keep Austin weird.” A town which seems to be filled with 300 days of sunshine, it’s a place where you can go and strike out on your own without feeling like you’re working too much for the man, unlike NYC. I’m extremely happy and shocked that the town was so progressive. It was extremely clean and very welcoming, but I was hoping for a little more of a cowboy driven, Texas vibe.  I’d love to line dance and fall in love with a cowboy, but there is always Dallas!

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