Trailer: Joey King Headlines Chilling, Meme Inspired Thriller ‘Slender Man’

Slender Man - Sony Pictures


Slender Man
Were you a fan of the underrated Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Chris Evans/Idris Elba flick The Losers? I sure was, and that film’s director (Sylvain White) is behind the camera for Slender Man. Check out the just released trailer below!

The story, penned by Elle screenwriter David Birke, centers on four high school girls who perform a ritual to dispel the myth of the Slender Man. One of the ladies mysteriously disappears, causing the others to suspect that she may be the Slender Man’s latest victim.

The titular supernatural creature originated as a creepypasta meme and tragically served as the inspiration for an attempted murder of a 12-year-old by her two friends back in 2014.

I attended The Losers press conference years ago and Sylvain White expressed his interest in how video games were becoming a groundbreaking way to tell a visually driven narrative. I’ve often wondered how White would fare if he did a cinematic adaptation of a video game, but for now his take on an internet horror legend will suffice.

The film, co-starring Julia Goldani-Telles and Jaz Sinclair comes out May 18. Though this trailer build more on atmosphere and shocking cuts sans giving us any specific details (that’s what teasers are for!), a quick view of Slender Man is featured in the video. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!!

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