Robin Williams Discusses Love For Improvisational Theatre: “It’s Wonderful”

Robin Williams’ comedic talents were firmly rooted in improvisation, and during the press junket for The Birdcage, he reflected how taking part in and watching improvisational theatre continued to inspire him.


“There’s a great improvisational theatre in L.A. (note: he was often spotted at UCB Theatre) I forgot the exact location but it’s where a lot of people from Second City are working now (and) a lot of old Compass Players ” said Robin Williams.” It’s like going out and working out. They do Harolds, which is a long, improvisational piece based on one long question. I go there all the time, it’s wonderful.”

Although his comedic skills and talents may have many deem him as a one-man band, Williams always preferred the energy and collaborating within improv groups than just going completely solo. Take a listen to the audio below as Williams’ talks about his love for improv groups:

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Williams’ passing. The full interview with Robin Williams is available on Matt and Greg Used To Interview Movie Stars. Check out the video below: