‘Restaurant Startup’ And Tim Love Take A Gamble On Big Dreamers

Restaurant Startup - Season 1


Joe Bastianich (Masterchef) and celebrity chef Tim Love team up for the new CNBC series Restaurant Startup. The pair, who both have their own unique vision on how to create and develop a successful business, will invest their own money on various culinary entrepreneurs who have a distinct vision and, more importantly, will make the two level headed men a bit of money.

“I have a double degree in finance and marketing. I love business,” says Love, who’s the owner of The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro and Queenie’s Steakhouse. “I love the challenge of making the deal. I’m also a very big gambler so this is right in my wheelhouse.”

Restaurant Startup debuts on CNBC tomorrow (July 8), and you can see a sneak peek of the first episode on the show’s official page.

Check out the video below, as Tim Love explains why he wanted to take part in Restaurant Startup and invest in a new group of food minded go-getters.

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