‘Interstellar’ Scene With Matthew McConaughey Leads To “Manly Man Tears”


The Dark Knight trilogy filmmaker Christopher Nolan sends Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway to a new galaxy in his ambitious, science fiction epic Interstellar. Playing a pilot turned farmer named Cooper, McConaughey is eventually tasked with leading a group of explorers to find a new inhabitable planet for humankind.

During the Interstellar press conference, Nolan elaborated on his passion for the project (he co-wrote the film with brother Jonathan Nolan):

“For my part, I look for a great story. What I found in Jonah’s draft was a very relatable situation. A great opportunity to challenge myself as a filmmaker in terms of various technical issues but also emotional issues. I’m a father myself and I related to the character as a father. I wanted to really push that in the telling of the story. I couldn’t tell you any more specifically . . . I just look for something that grabs me and holds me emotionally.”

One emotionally charged sequence, which I won’t spoil, has Cooper experiencing an incredibly profound moment. McConaughey talks about how he approached the scene below, and Nolan adds that “manly man tears” were shed after watching that sequence in dailies.

Interstellar-Poster - Paramount Pictures



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