Director Luke Greenfield Talks Resonant Father And Son Dynamic Behind ‘Half Brothers’

Running at a brisk 96 minutes, Half Brothers centers on a Mexican aviation executive named Renato (Luis Gerardo Méndez) who discovers he has a sibling in America named Asher (Connor Del Rio). The relative strangers go on a road trip together at the request of their dying father. During my interview with director Luke Greenfield, he discussed the film’s heartfelt father/son story and briefly elaborated on the continuing popularity of The Girl Next Door!

Luis Gerardo Mendez (left) stars as “Renato” and Connor Del Rio (right) stars as “Asher” in director Luke Greenfield’s HALF BROTHERS, a Focus Features release. Credit : John Golden Britt / Focus Features

On a surface level, Half Brothers is a seemingly lightweight and engaging chemistry that succeeds on the innate chemistry between Luis Gerardo Méndez and Connor Del Rio. The film, however, is a sneakily ambitious feature (there are countless set-ups for this indie comedy) that packs an unexpected emotional punch. Along with Luis and Connor, Juan Pablo Espinosa delivers a heartfelt and realistic performance as their flawed but father Flavio.

During our brief, Greenfield talks about how his own relationship with his family helped inform the personal touch behind Half Brothers. He also helmed the highly underrated The Girl Next Door and he also reflected on why that film continues to increase in popularity.

Half Brothers hits theaters Friday, December 4 via Focus Features.


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