‘1917’ And ‘Mission: Impossible Fallout’ 4K Ultra HD Giveaway From CinemAddicts!!

Both discs are sealed and come with a digital code!



This week I’m giving away my sealed copies of 1917 (Blu-ray, DVD, & Digital Code) and Mission: Impossible Fallout (4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, Digital). Giveaway details in the post!!

Both 1917 and Mission: Impossible Fallout were recent purchases at my local Best Buy and they are both in great condition!

First random winner gets 1917, second gets M:I Fallout, third lands a sealed Blu-ray from my collection!

***I also give away two sealed DVD or Blu-rays each weekend to members of our  CinemAddicts Facebook Group! If you’re a physical media fan, this group should be for you, as we discuss cinema and the DVDs/Blu-rays I dole out are exclusive to members. 

1917 and Mission: Impossible Fallout Giveaway Requirements (Only one needs to be met to enter!)

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  7. Remember, all you need is one of these requirements to enter. But the more things you do, the more entries (6 maximum) you get!

  8. Confirm your entries by emailing me at editor@deepestdream.com

  9. Giveaway ends Sunday, November 22 at 1 pm pt and I will announce the three winners on the CinemAddicts Facebook page. Again, First random winner gets 1917, second lands Mission: Impossible Fallout, third wins a sealed Blu-ray from my collection!

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