John Fogerty Launches ‘1969’ World Tour In November

 JohnFogerty11 John Fogerty Launches 1969 World Tour In November

John Fogerty revisits a seminal moment in his creative life, as his ‘1969’ tour starting November 7 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Fogerty, who coincidentally is 69, released three albums with Creedence Clearwater Revival (Bayou Country, Green River, Will and the Poor Boys) that year. Although the first leg of his tour will be a coast to coast trek throughout Canada, more countries and dates will be announced in 2015.

The tour’s song selection will be culled from the three ’69 albums but also include his catalog of hits. Fogerty, who as a solo artist is best known for the 1985 album Centerfield, continues to record music. In 2013, he released the album Wrote a Song For Everyone, a collection that featured him covering CCR tunes with various artists (Foo Fighters collaborated with him on “Fortunate Son,” and Kid Rock appeared on “Born on the Bayou”).

John Fogerty’s “1969” Tour Details:

11/7 – St. John’s, NL                           Mile One Stadium
11/8 – St. John’s, NL                           Mile One Stadium
11/10 -Halifax, NS                              Halifax Metro Centre
11/12 – Montreal, QC                       Bell Centre
11/13 – Rama, ON                               Casino Rama
11/14 – Oshawa, ON                         GM Centre
11/15 – Hamilton, ON                       Copps Coliseum
11/17 – Sudbury, ON                         Sudbury Arena
11/19 – Winnipeg, MB                      MTS Centre
11/20 – Moose Jaw, SK                     Mosaic Place
11/21 – Saskatoon, SK                       Credit Union Centre
11/23 – Edmonton, AB                      Rexall Place
11/24 – Calgary, AB                             Scotiabank Saddledome
11/25 – Dawson Creek, BC             EnCana Events Centre
11/27 – Penticton, BC                        South Okanagan Events Centre
11/28 – Abbotsford, BC                    Abbotsford Centre
11/29 – Victoria, BC                            Save On Foods Memorial Centre





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‘Bad Judge’ Star Tone Bell On Stand-Up: “Comedy Is A Rubik’s Cube”

Being a middle-aged Generation Xer, anytime someone mentions Rubik’s Cube during an interview, they’ve definitely won me over. Comedian/writer Tone Bell co-stars with Kate Walsh in the upcoming NBC series Bad Judge as Tedward, a fellow co-worker and right hand man to wild style judge Rebecca Wright. In an interview with Yahoo! TV, Bell describes Tedward as a “smart ass fly on the wall.”

With Bad Judge as well as his work on the short-lived series Whitney, Bell’s acting career is gathering momentum. Still, much of his creative foundation lies in writing and honing his chops in stand-up comedy. I asked Bell how he responds if certain jokes don’t exactly land with the audience. “In certain moments, I hope it doesn’t work,” said the actor. “Comedy is a Rubik’s Cube – you know it can be solved, but I just haven’t figured it out yet. So when it doesn’t work, (it’s like) ‘Oh I’m not a savant, I’m not as good as I think I am’ and it makes you go back to the drawing board.”

ToneBell5 Bad Judge Star Tone Bell On Stand Up: Comedy Is A Rubiks Cube
NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS — The NBC Emmy Party — Pictured: Tone Bell, “Bad Judge” at Boa Steakhouse, West Hollywood, Calif., August 24, 2014 — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Below is Tone Bell’s full answer to the question, as he elaborates on why having a few comedic setbacks can actually improve one’s craft:

Bad Judge premieres October 2 (NBC, 9 pm et/pt).

Land Ho! - Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Charming “Land Ho!” Travels To Blu-ray in November

Land Ho! is one of my favorite films this year, as it’s bolstered by two wonderful performances by Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson as two retired ex-brothers-in-law who take a spontaneous trip to Iceland.

The film, which hits Blu-ray and Digital HD via Sony Pictures Classics and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on November 4, has received its share of critical acclaim. Although it didn’t do great business when it hit theaters, this cinematic charmer should reach a much wider audience in the coming months.

Special features included audio commentary from Eenhoorn, Lynn Nelson, and co-directors Aaron Katz and Martha Stephens, deleted scenes, and a Q&A from the LA Film Festival.

LandHo3 Charming Land Ho! Travels To Blu ray in November
Land Ho! (Sony PIctures Classics, Photo by: Andrew Reed)

Along with its inspired and charming performances, Land Ho! is also a visual feast, as Katz and Stephens made the best of their scenic surroundings. I interviewed the filmmakers several months ago, and they talked about collaborating with cinematographer Andrew Reed on the project.

Clocking in at 95 minutes, Land Ho! is worth a look if you love “road trip” driven films that’s filled with wonderful dialogue and sumptuous backdrops. The score, composed by Keegan Dewitt, is catchy as can be:

If my video interview & the wonderful score doesn’t pull you in, try the trailer:


LandHo2 Charming Land Ho! Travels To Blu ray in November

The Kinks

“The Kinks” Anthology Set Targets November 18 Release

It was September 10, 1964 when The Kinks took the world by storm with their #1 hit “You Really Got Me,” and to celebrate its 50th anniversary, BMG/InGrooves is releasing a 5-disc, remastered box set. The Anthology 1964-71 contains over 100 songs from the band, which include the tracks “Stop Your Sobbing”, “All Day and All of the Night”, “Till The End of The Day”, “A Well Respected Man”, “Sunny Afternoon”, “Dead End Street”, “Waterlook Sunset”, “Picture Book” and “The Village Green Preservation Society”.

The collection also includes rare demos, session outtakes, alternate mixes, liner notes, interviews, and over two dozen unreleased recordings. The Anthology 1964-71 comes out November 18, and fans can pre-order the set on Amazon via this link:

TheKinks91 The Kinks Anthology Set Targets November 18 Release
Anthology 1964-1971 (BMG/InGrooves)

The Anthology 1964-71 is part of a series of reissues and collections spotlighting the seminal band. Last month featured the release of a 2-disc version of The Kinks’ 1970 effort Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One and the 1971 soundtrack album Percy. More releases are expect to continue through 2015.

Fort Bliss (Phase 4 Films)

‘Fort Bliss’ Spotlights The Daily Struggles of Military Life

Michelle Monaghan delivers one of her finest performances in Fort Bliss, a drama about a single mom and U.S. Army medic (Monaghan) who is trying to reconnect with her five-year-old son. Her commitment to her job and country has led to an extended tour of duty in Afghanistan, and though absolutely commendable and downright honorable, her sacrifice has wreaked havoc on her personal life.

Directed and penned by Claudia Myers, Fort Bliss takes an even eyed look at Maggie Swann’s (Monaghan) difficulties at adjusting to civilian life as well as reconciling that another deployment is on the horizon. Fort Bliss also features a stellar supporting cast that (including Ron Livingston, Emmanuelle Chriqui, John Savage, and Gbenga Akinnagbe) gives the narrative an added level of creative gravitas.

The film’s anchor, however, lies in its ability in portraying military life in a realistic fashion.  “The idea of being believable as a soldier for me, is incredibly daunting,” says Monaghan, whose previous credits include HBO’s True Detective and Trucker.  “We took every action we could to ensure that we did the best that we could and make it as truthful (as possible) and from a soldier’s perspective.”

fortbliss8 Fort Bliss Spotlights The Daily Struggles of Military Life
Michelle Monaghan in Fort Bliss – Phase 4 Films, CR: Facebook

In the following audio clip, Michelle Monaghan talks about receiving feedback from military vets and their families on Fort Bliss, which won Best Narrative Feature at the GI Film Festival.

Fort Bliss is now playing in New York and Los Angeles and is also available on VOD.

A Most Violent Year (A24 Films)

Oscar Watch: “A Most Violent Year” Fights Through 1980s New York


Big news today regarding this year’s Oscar watch, as A24 has announced that its highly anticipated flick A Most Violent Year is set for a December 31 release in New York and Los Angeles. The movie goes wide in January 2015, and A24’s decision signals that the Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac feature may be an awards race player.

Clocking in at 110 minutes, A Most Violent Year centers on an immigrant (Isaac) who is doing whatever it takes to keep his family safe, sound, and prosperous in 1981 New York City. The teaser trailer, which has just been released, Isaac resembling a young Al Pacino in a narrative that could have been directed by late filmmaker Sidney Lumet – the craftsman behind such Big Apple crime dramas as Serpico and Prince of the City. The man behind the camera is J.C. Chandor, who previously directed the first rate flicks All Is Lost and Margin Call.

MVY121 Oscar Watch: A Most Violent Year Fights Through 1980s New York
A Most Violent Year Poster – A24

Will A Most Violent Year rack up its share of Oscar nods, or will it get lost in the shuffle? Tell us what you think below!

Benjamin McKenzie & Donal Logue in "Gotham." Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX

Benjamin McKenzie Braves “Gotham” Sans Caped Crusader

We’ve witnessed the Caped Crusader’s origin story with the Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins) and Tim Burton (Batman) features, and with the new Fox series Gotham another hero’s background will come to light. Benjamin McKenzie, TV alum of the acclaimed series Southland, plays Detective James Gordon, a lawman bent on restoring a crumbling Gotham into a shiny and livable metropolis.

Like McKenzie, Gotham cast member Donal Logue (he plays Detective Harvey Bullock) has had his share of success on television and received his share of praise for the gone too soon TV series Terriers. Both Southland and Terriers needed their share of exposure to the audience, but with Gotham the hype machine is definitely on full blast. Logue understands that he and McKenzie are in a very good place with Gotham.

“We’ve done work we’re really proud of, we’ve been in these things that have been like real family. But no (I’ve) never stepped into a situation where you didn’t have to fight and try to explain, ‘this is what or show is about and it’s called this.’ So to have that functional wave to sit on already – it’s crazy. Even when they were talking about the casting and there was a rumor that I was Gordon or whatever – my friends were like ‘dude you have to check out the internet.’ People (were) just waiting for information about who’s going to be on the show and who’s doing what.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Benjamin McKenzie explain why Gotham is not just for Batman fans:

Very Good Girls (Well Go USA)

Blu-Ray Today: Elizabeth Olsen & Dakota Fanning Are “Very Good Girls”

Next week (September 23 to be exact) marks the Blu-ray and DVD release of Very Good Girls (Well Go USA, 91 minutes, R), a coming of age drama headlined by Elizabeth Olsen (Godzilla, Kill Your Darlings) and Dakota Fanning (The Motel Life).

Naomi Foner, best known for as the screenwriter for Running On Empty (she also penned the underrated Halle Berry/Jessica Lange drama Losing Isaiah), makes her directorial debut with Very Good Girls. The feature, which centers on New York based best friends (Olsen, Fanning) who aim to lose their virginity by the end of summer.

VeryGoodGirlsBD1 Blu Ray Today: Elizabeth Olsen & Dakota Fanning Are Very Good Girls
Very Good Girls (Well Go USA)

Everything should be hunky-dory, but when both of them have eyes for the same guy (Boyd Holbrook), their relationship suffers the requisite strain. Very Good Girls also stars Peter Sarsgaard, Demi Moore, Ellen Barkin, and Richard DreyfussSpecial features on the disc include interviews with Foner, Olsen, and Fanning.

With such films as Martha Marcy May Marlene, In Secret, and Oldboy, Elizabeth Olsen has displayed ample dramatic chops (she recently landed the role of Hank Williams’ wife Audra Mae in the biopic I Saw The Light). And with Very Good Girls, Olsen has found her way through the coming of age drama. Still, Olsen has much narrative ground to cover, and one area she wants to explore are romantic comedies.

In the Soundcloud bar below, Elizabeth Olsen explains why she’s not on the top of the romantic comedy list. It’s surprising given her talent that casting agents and directors wouldn’t throw romcoms her way, but she gives a great explanation:


John Leguizamo Profiled in “American Masters: The Boomer List”

The documentary American Masters: The Boomer List premieres on PBS Tuesday, September 23, and the documentary has director/photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders spotlighting 19 boomers from this highly influential generation.

One of the interviewees is John Leguizamo, an actor whose diverse career includes acclaimed on man shows and such standout films as Carlito’s Way, The Counselor and, more recently, Chef.

In the documentary, Leguizamo talks about the scant projects that were offered to himself and fellow colleagues Benicio del Toro and Luis Guzman (Leguizamo and Guzman starred together in Carlito’s Way).  “If there is a really great Latin role, it didn’t go to us,” Leguizamo said during the interview. “It went to, you know, Al Pacino or De Niro. I just knew that Latin people were really funny. My family was really funny to me. And we had incredible stories to tell. Where is that on TV? Where is that in movies? Where is that in plays?”

Leguizamo15 John Leguizamo Profiled in American Masters: The Boomer List
John Leguizamo in American Masters: The Boomer List (CR: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders)

Even though showbiz has its share of challenges, Leguizamo pushed through and has carved out a successful acting career. During his Chef interviews John Leguizamo explains how “cooking is like acting.”

“You have to really pay attention – be in the moment. There is a generosity that happens in cooking because you’re nurturing. I think acting when it has that the generosity and you’re giving instead of trying to take, it’s the best acting you’ll ever see.”

To hear Leguizamo’s full answer, and why Chef is an analogy to the film business, click on the Soundcloud bar below:

Along with Leguizamo, Samuel L. Jackson, Billy Joel, David LaChapelle, and Maria Shriver are among the 19 subjects featured in American Masters: The Boomer List.

This Is Where I Leave You (Warner Bros. Pictures, CR: Jessica Miglio)

Connie Britton Talks “This Is Where I Leave You” & Adam Driver Collaboration

Based on Jonathan Trooper’s bestselling novel, This Is Where I Leave You centers on four adult siblings (Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Corey Stoll, Adam Driver) who return to their childhood home after the father passes away. Forced to live together for a week, they must set aside their differences and eventually comfort each other through this tragedy. Shawn Levy, whose previous credits include The Internship, Date Night, and A Night at the Museum, is the director.

This Is Where I Leave You is an accurate title for the movie’s production process, as co-star Connie Britton (she plays Driver’s well to do girlfriend in the feature), appreciated the picture’s close knit collaboration among the cast and crew.

“One thing that was noticeable about this movie was, and I think for Shawn Levy in particular, this was really a very important movie for him. He was very passionate about because I think he has also done a lot of big budget movies where there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen and a lot of agendas. This felt more like we were being entrusted with this gem and were able to let the creation of it happen right then and there.”

In the audio clip below, Connie Britton (Nashville, Friday Night Lights) talked about Adam Driver and how she almost worked with him, Lena Dunham and producer/writer Jennifer Konner on Girls.

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