‘The Pillars of the Earth’ Video Game Set For 2017 Release

KenFollett8 639x1024 The Pillars of the Earth Video Game Set For 2017 Release

Ken Follett’s bestselling novel The Pillars of the Earth is being developed as a video game. The adventure title, which is being developed by Daedalic Entertainment in conjunction with publisher Bastei Lübbe, will come out 2017 on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and iOS.

Follett is currently working on a new novel about the fictitious medieval town of Kingsbridge that will also be released in 2017.

“I’m delighted that Bastei Lübbe will publish my next book, a new story about Kingsbridge, the fictional town in which I set ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and World Without End,” said Follet. “I’m hoping to finish it in time for publication in 2017. I’m thrilled that The Pillars of the Earth – which is probably my most famous book – is going to be turned into a computer game by Daedalic, now part of the Lübbe organisation. I believe this will bring my work to the attention of a new generation of readers. I’ve been working with Bastei Lübbe, and with the Lübbe-family, for 35 years now. It has been a most congenial partnership, and a very successful one. So I’m very happy that our association is being continued in these exciting ways.”

Pillars3 The Pillars of the Earth Video Game Set For 2017 Release

Published in 1989, The Pillars of the Earth is a medieval set story that centered on the religious and social struggles that surround the building of a cathedral in Kingsbridge. The project was adapted into a 2010, Golden Globe nominated miniseries starring Eddie Redmayne and Hayley Atwell.

In the video below, Ken Follett talks about researching the Berlin Wall for his novel Edge of Eternity:

Daedelic22 The Pillars of the Earth Video Game Set For 2017 Release

‘Musical Chairs’ Offical DVD Dances It Way To Amazon

MusicalChairs2 Musical Chairs Offical DVD Dances It Way To Amazon

Director Susan Seidelman‘s cinematic heyday, at least from an outsider’s perspective, were the 1980s, when she helmed such engaging narratives as Making Mr. Right, Cookie, She-Devil, and my personal favorite from her body of work – Desperately Seeking Susan.

But filmmaking is a continuing, ever expanding process, and it’s great to see Seidelman still working behind the camera (she directed 2013 release The Hot Flashes with Brooke Shields).

The DVD for Seidelman’s feature Musical Chairs is also available for purchase in all regions through Amazon.com.  The boilerplate for Musical Chairs is as follows:

“Set against the exciting backdrop of competitive ballroom dancing, MUSICAL CHAIRS is about Armando (E.J. Bonilla) a Bronx-bred Latino who aspires to be a dancer but whose only way in is as a handyman at a Manhattan dance studio, and Mia (Leah Pipes), an Upper East Side princess who is the studio’s star performer. Though worlds apart, their shared passion for dance promises to bring them together until a tragic accident changes Mia’s life forever, and she finds herself wheelchair-bound at a rehab facility, with her dreams of a dance career shattered. Fortunately, Armando has enough dreams for both of them and, when he hears about a wheelchair ballroom dance competition that will soon be held in NY, he sees a way to return something to Mia that she thinks is lost forever.” 

To purchase the offical DVD of Musical Chairs via Amazon, please go to: http://amzn.to/1wvz0rC


‘Jurassic World’ Teaser Trailer Debuts – Full Trailer Set For Thanksgiving

JurassicWorld 691x1024 Jurassic World Teaser Trailer Debuts   Full Trailer Set For Thanksgiving

A teaser trailer for Jurassic World has been released by Universal Pictures. The project, starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Judy Greer, and Jake Johnson, hits theaters June 12, 2015. Johnson, who starred this year in the hit film Let’s Be Cops, previously worked with Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow in the first rate 2012 feature Safety Not Guaranteed.

The movie’s full length trailer debuts on Thanksgiving during an NBC night of football (6 pm pt) as the Seattle Seahawks take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Thought it runs barely twenty seconds, the teaser gives us a foreboding tone, as evidenced by its haunting sampling of John Williams‘ score and the somber visages of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

You can watch the teaser trailer by checking out today’s Tweet from Universal Pictures:

Grimm - Season 4

Exclusive: Bree Turner Talks “Dark, Serious Turn” for ‘Grimm’

Bree Turner’s role as Rosalee Calvert was initially set for a couple of episodes, but thankfully Rosalee has been an integral member of Grimm’s diverse and unpredictable universe.

One of the main focuses of this season has been the loss of Nick’s (David Giuntoli) powers, but Turner also hinted at darker elements that may affect the marriage between Rosalee and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell).

During the interview, Turner also gave a preview tonight’s episode, “Cry Luison,” which features a pretty dapper Wesen. Grimm airs Fridays on NBC at 9 pm et/pt.

How have the fans reacted to Nick losing his powers?

I think the fans are ready for him to get his powers back – for sure. Grimm Nick (David Giuntoli) is a badass Nick. I think it’s been a really cool twist to start off the season in a more internal drama fashion. Rather than last year’s zombies craziness – it’s been more of a slow burn. It felt very appropriate for season four.

But tonight’s episode kicks off the old school Grimm energy and from tonight on, each week it gets more and more intense and dramatic. And serious.

We are getting back to dark, serious, season one Grimm which I think fans will be really excited about.

On your Twitter handle (@RealBreeTurner), you mentioned how much you love tonight’s episode.

Yes. We sink back into what Grimm’s really good at, which is getting the gang together (laughs) and Monroe’s out in the field tonight with the boys. I’m more in the spice shop doing what I do best and the Wesen tonight is a very smooth, sophisticated Wesen. Most of (them) are pretty aggressive and pretty gnarly (but) tonight’s Wesen has a smooth element. It’s more of a GQ Wesen tonight.

Grimm4 Exclusive: Bree Turner Talks Dark, Serious Turn for Grimm
GRIMM — “Cry Luison” Pictured: Mark Bloom as The Wolf — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Are you excited to see where Rosalee and Monroe are headed with their relationship?

Oh yeah. Tonight’s episode 5 and we’re in the middle of shooting episode 12 – so we’re quite a bit ahead. Where Rosalee and Monroe’s (Silas Weir Mitchell) storyline is going – (it’s) predominantly focused on (the events surrounding) the Wolfsangel brick through our window and those two men in masks from last week. That storyline gets so crazy and so scary.

It’s some of the most satisfying character stuff we’ve been able to do on the whole series. I’m really excited to get in all that.

Four seasons in, it’s great to know that Grimm is still going in unexpected and surprising directions creatively and thematically.

I’ve never done a fantasy show like this before, and what’s so fun about it is we get our scripts very close to when we shoot them. So I don’t know what’s happening (for Rosalee). It’s like real life – I get the script and “oh, this is happening” or “oh, I hadn’t realized that had happened in my past!”

I think we’re able to get away with a lot of social commentary on our show without being heavy handed. The issues between Rosalee and Monroe, having it be an inter-species marriage – that can touch upon interracial marriages, inter-belief marriages. We can really talk about things without actually having to talk about them which is cool. You can really get away with a lot.

Grimm9 Exclusive: Bree Turner Talks Dark, Serious Turn for Grimm
GRIMM — Season: 4 — Pictured: Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Constantine - Season 1

Exclusive: ‘Constantine’ Star Charles Halford Previews ‘Danse Vaudou’

As evidenced from his work as Reggie Ledoux in True Detective or Chas in ConstantineCharles Halford is an actor who fills the room. Presence is something you’re born with and is probably hard to develop even after years of scene study, and Halford brings those innate talents to Constantine.

Comic book fans know the ins and outs of Chas Chandler from the Hellblazer comics, but initiates to the TV series simply know the protagonist as Constantine’s loyal (and apparently hard to kill) right hand man.

We’ll get into what Halford said about Chas’ development in a future post, but for now here is what he had to say about the show’s state of the state and tonight’s “hands on deck” episode, ‘Danse Vaudou’ (airing on NBC, 10 pm et/pt).

Constantine11 Exclusive: Constantine Star Charles Halford Previews Danse Vaudou
CONSTANTINE — “Danse Vaudou” Charles Halford as Chas  — (Photo by: Tina Rowden/NBC)

Note: Charles Halford will also be live tweeting during tonight’s episode – his Twitter handle is: @Charlie_Halford.

Can you talk about the quality of the writing on the show ? The characters definitely leap off the page.

I’m having a great time. And I think the show’s developing really, really well. The characters are interesting to me because a lot of it is based on Constantine (Matt Ryan). It’s a show about the man and the myth and the legendary magician. In the Hellblazer comics, the property that the show’s based on, he’s on every panel of every issue.

In this show, Matt Ryan has such an amazing workload and he’s just been really impressive to work with. And all the surrounding characters bring different aspects to John’s (world). As the season develops, we get into everybody else’s back stories and it’s this slow rollout of these characters. You’re thrown into a world that you’ll soon find out about.

Tonight’s episode is really action packed. Last week’s (installment) was one of my favorite episodes.

With tonight’s episode, you, Zed (Angélica Celaya), John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw) are banding together on a mission. Can you give us a preview of tonight’s dynamic?

There’s bad stuff going down in New Orleans and not the normal bad stuff that goes down in New Orleans (laughs) – (it’s) the unnatural sort.

Another cool thing about tonight is you meet Jim Corrigan (Emmett Scanlan) who, as comic book fans know, eventually becomes a character named The Spectre. He’s a law enforcement officer who John ends up allying (with) in our story because he’s sentimental to the supernatural world – which he also becomes exposed to tonight.

So we head down there and the only way for John to solve the case, especially with the push back from the law, is to (team up) with Papa Midnite who two weeks ago left him to bleed out, tied to a bench, in a warehouse (laughs).

That’s a really cool relationship too, as well as in the comics – these guys would just as soon slit each other’s throats but they have respect for each other’s magical abilities. They operate in the same world – but differently. There are times when they have to play nice, but the second they have the chance to take the other one out – they probably would.

You get a little bit of that team effort – that’s another thing that’s cool about tonight’s episode is that it requires all hands on deck to get the job done and save the most lives as possible. It’s a fun episode and there’s some pretty good spins on urban legends.

Constantine19 Exclusive: Constantine Star Charles Halford Previews Danse Vaudou
CONSTANTINE — “Danse Vaudou” — Pictured: (l-r) Emmett Scanlan as Jim Corrigan, Matt Ryan as John Constantine, Charles Halford as Chas, Angelica Celaya as Zed Martin — (Photo by: Tina Rowden/NBC)

One of the advantages of Constantine is being able to sift through a ton of excellent material from the comics.

That’s another thing I really like about the writing on the show. We have this incredibly rich source material with the Hellblazer comic books and every person on board is a fan (of the comics). Our end desire is to have a proper, serialized arc.

We’re just trying to get our feet wet and get the characters and the world established right now. But what’s great about it is that you can have these urban legend stories (as well as) just a lot of human stories. We can tap into that Hellblazer world.

Last week’s episode (“A Feast of Friends”) was issues #1 and #2 of Hellblazer. (It) was my first experience with the comics and to see it come to life – it’s just so cool in the vein of the comics to see Gary Lester (Jonjo O’Neill) in the flesh . . . it’s a bit of a dream come true to get to play in this world on a weekly basis.

Paramore Releases Expanded ‘Paramore: Self-Titled Deluxe’ November 24

Paramore14 Paramore Releases Expanded Paramore: Self Titled Deluxe November 24

Paramore will release Paramore: Self-Titled Deluxe on November 24, and the expanded digital edition contains a new version of “Hate To See Your Heart Break.” The track contains duet vocals from former The Civil Wars member Joy Williams.

Also included is the never before released 2012 demo “Tell Me It’s Okay”, two bonus tracks “Escape Route” and “Native Tongue”, and 8 live tracks that were performed this summer at Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams was recently named the first winner of Billboard’s “Trailblazer Award,” an honor that spotlights an artist who breaks from convention and inspires new talent to carve their own path. The Trailblazer Award is presented next month at the ninth annual Billboard Women in Music Awards, which takes place December 12 in New York City.

The track listing for Paramore: Self-Titled Deluxe is below:

  1. Fast In My Car
  2. Now
  3. Grow Up
  4. Daydreaming
  5. interlude: Moving On
  6. Ain’t It Fun
  7. Part II
  8. Last Hope
  9. Still Into You
  10. Anklebiters
  11. interlude: Holiday
  12. Proof
  13. Hate To See Your Heart Break
  14. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls
  15. interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore
  16. Be Alone
  17. Future


18.  Hate To See Your Heart Break (feat. Joy Williams)
19.   Escape Route (Bonus Track)
20.   Native Tongue (Bonus Track)
21.   Tell Me It’s Okay (Self-Titled Demo)
22.   Still Into You (Live at Red Rocks)
23.   Decode (Live at Red Rocks)
24.   The Only Exception (Live at Red Rocks)
25.    Brick by Boring Brick (Live at Red Rocks)
26.    Let the Flames Begin (Live at Red Rocks)
27.    Part II (Live at Red Rocks)
28.    Proof (Live at Red Rocks)
29.    Ain’t It Fun (Live at Red Rocks)

Reese Witherspoon, Wild - Fox Searchlight

Reese Witherspoon Brings “Life Experiences” To ‘Wild’ Collaboration

Opening December 5, Wild stars Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line) as Cheryl Strayed, a woman who hikes over a thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail on a journey of self-discovery. Laura Dern co-stars on as Cheryl’s mother Bobbi.

The picture, based on Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling memoir, is directed by Dallas Buyers Club filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallee. This should be the second year of awards consideration for Vallee, as Wild is getting tons of Oscar buzz, especially for Witherspoon’s performance.

WILDPOSTER1 693x1024 Reese Witherspoon Brings Life Experiences To Wild Collaboration
Fox Searchlight

Still, Wild isn’t just about a virtuoso performance from Witherspoon, as the actress talks about the joys of collaborating with her fellow filmmakers:

“That’s the thing about making a film. It’s not about one artist and what they want to accomplish. It’s a collaborative medium. We are only as good and connected as we feel to the central idea of what we’re trying to accomplish.

But (it’s) also what we bring to the table as our life experiences. It’s what enhances your work and it’s what connects you to the people you’re working with. So I think it’s hard when you don’t connect with people, which I’ve had that experience before and it’s really hard.”

Click on the media bar below to hear the audio version of Witherspoon’s answer:

Trailer: Ewan McGregor Is A ‘Son of A Gun’ & Father Figure To Brenton Thwaites

SOAGPoster11 664x1024 Trailer: Ewan McGregor Is A Son of A Gun & Father Figure To Brenton Thwaites

Ewan McGregor has been a father figure before, especially in the ways of the Force (apologies for the Obi-Wan reference), but with Son of a Gun his mentoring is of the criminal kind.

Brenton Thwaites, up and coming star of The Giver and The Signal, plays JR, a naive criminal who befriends hardened convict Brendan Lynch (McGregor) during a six month stint at a West Australian prison.

Since Brendan provided JR with protection in the slammer, JR returns the favor and busts him out of prison. Life in the fast and illegal lane may be alluring to the youngster, but someone probably should have told him crime doesn’t pay. As the two get involved in a high stakes operation to rob a gold mine, trust issues inevitably surface, leading to an inevitable showdown between the two.

Son of a Gun debuts exclusively on DirecTV on December 11 and hits theaters January 16. The trailer is below:

‘Young The Giant’ Release 2015 Touring Plans & Radio Stops


YoungTheGiant1 Young The Giant Release 2015 Touring Plans & Radio Stops
Photo credit: Lauren Dukoff

Young The Giant have announced dates for their 2015 headlining tour in support of their latest album Mind Over Matter. If you’re also a fan of the group’s “In The Open” video series, the band released their outdoorsy version of “Eros.” Shot at Kraus Springs near Austin, Texas, the video features the band getting their music grooves on next to a tangle of trees and dirt.

If seeing the group on a YouTube channel and listening to the dulcet tones of “Eros” doesn’t satiate your soul, the band starts their headlining tour February 12 in Burlington, Vermont, followed by stops in Athens, Georgia (February 19-20, Georgia Theatre), Madison, Wisconsin (March 7, Orpheum), and Boulder, Colorado (March 9-10, Boulder Theatre).

After the release of their top 5 modern rock hit “It’s About Time” and the record’s title track, the band are launching “Crystallized” as the third single.

Best known for their smash hit “Cough Syrup,” Young The Giant also embark on a series of radio stops next month. A full list of their radio and tour dates are listed below:


3                   Dallas, TX                                KDGE How The Edge Stole Xmas
5                   Jacksonville, FL                    WXXJ Big Ticket Festival 2014
6                   St. Petersburg, FL               97x Next Big Thing 2014
7                   Orlando, FL                             X107.3 The Big Orlando 2014
9                   Seattle, WA                            KNDD Deck the Halls Ball 2014
10                 Sacramento, CA                  KKDO Electric Christmas
11                 Las Vegas, NV                       KXRK Christmas Show 2014
12                 Oakland, CA                           Live 105 Not So Silent Night
13                 South Lake Tahoe, CA     Winter Ignite 2014
20                 Honolulu, HI                          The Republik (Headline Show)


12              Burlington, VT                Higher Ground
13              Portland, ME                   State Theatre
14              Montclair,  NJ                 Wellmont Theatre
16              Norfolk, VA                      The Norva
19-20      Athens, GA                        Georgia Theatre
22              Pompano Beach, FL     Coastline Festival
25             Columbia, SC                    The Music Farm
27             Knoxville, TN                    The International
28             Urbana, IL                           Canopy Club


1               Urbana, IL                              Canopy Club
3-4          Columbia, MO                     Blue Note
5               Lawrence, KS                        Liberty Hall
7               Madison, WI                         Orpheum
9-10       Boulder, CO                     Boulder Theatre
29            Sao Paulo, BR                  Lollapalooza Brazil

‘Miss Julie’ Trailer: Jessica Chastain & Colin Farrell Enter Strindberg’s Universe

MissJulie1 412x600 Miss Julie Trailer: Jessica Chastain & Colin Farrell Enter Strindbergs Universe

It’s been an eventful year for Jessica Chastain, thanks to her work this year on Interstellar and the relationship drama The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.

Although she’s done solid work in both films, Chastain is getting the most awards talk for her work in the upcoming films A Most Violent Year and Miss Julie.

Opening December 5, Miss Julie is directed by Liv Ullmann, whose illustrious career includes starring in the Ingmar Bergman classics Persona, Cries & Whispers, and Scenes of a Marriage. With Ullmann behind the camera doing her interpretation of August Strindberg’s renowned play, it’s easy to see why Colin Farrell and Jessica Chastain signed on the dotted line.

The movie’s official boilerplate is below:

Miss Julie depicts a fierce battle between a man and a woman, a struggle for power and dominance enacted through a cruel and compulsive game of seduction and repulsion.

A country estate in Ireland in 1880s. Over the course of one midsummer night, in an atmosphere of wild revelry and loosened social constraints, Miss Julie and John, her father’s valet, dance and drink, charm and manipulate each other. She, all hauteur longing for abasement; he, polished but coarse – both united in mutual loathing and attraction.

By turns seductive and bullying, savage and tender, their intimacy leads to desperate plans and vision of a life together… Unsure if the morning brings hope or hopelessness, Julie and John find their escape in a final act as sublime and horrific as anything in Greek tragedy.

Miss Julie opens in New York and Los Angeles on December 5. The trailer is below:

Also included is a previous Jessica Chastain interviewed I did several years before, as she talked about the joy she gets in fighting for her movie roles:

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