‘I Kill Giants’ Review: Madison Wolfe Powers Memorable And Enriching Tale


I Kill Giants, based on the comic book limited series from Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura, is a dark fantasy/coming-of-age drama that refuses to pull any punches, delivering a knockout story in the process. Spotlighting under the radar films is always a joy, and I Kill Giants snugly fits  into that category.

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Goran Visnjic & Malcolm Barrett Impressed With ‘Timeless’ Storytelling

One show that has me by the hooks is Timeless, a time travel series that, while breathing life into various moments of history, is filled with a ton of clever (and surprisingly evocative) twists and turns. The below video features cast members Goran Visnjic and Malcolm Barrett discussing what makes Timeless a unique program.

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Clive Standen Talks “Emotional Connection” With ‘Taken’ Storylines

Clive Standen - Taken
One intriguing aspect of Taken is that Bryan Mills (Clive Standen), though he may seem like one-man army, is not a stereotypical action hero. During the Taken interviews at this year’s NBC/Universal TCAs, I asked Standen about how he emotionally connects to the role. Video is below!


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CinemAddicts Episode 80: ‘Red Sparrow’ ‘Annihilation’ ‘Josie’ ‘I Kill Giants’

Red Sparrow
Great news with episode 80 on CinemAddicts, as Anderson Cowan is taking his movie Groupers on the road starting with a July 14 in Chicago! That bit of news is mentioned at the beginning of the show, Details on the rest of the program is below!!

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