Big Brother 18: Week 2 Recap and Rankings


So the first week of Big Brother is out of the way and alliances are starting to form, even ones outside of the teams that were picked during the opening night. It didn’t take long for Glenn, the eldest member of the season, to be sent packing, though the Freakazoids member held his own and lost to fellow Freakazoid Corey in a photo finish during the first elimination competition. Continue reading “Big Brother 18: Week 2 Recap and Rankings”

Aussie Rules Hero: Another Obscure Sports Game Finds A Home


One of the coolest things about modern gaming, and specifically the continual expansion of online and mobile gaming, is that there are a lot of themes and concepts that might not otherwise see the light of day. This is true across a lot of different genres (let’s just say Angry Birds never would have been a game, let alone a wildly successful movie, if not for online and mobile gaming), but it’s particularly apparent with regard to sports. Console titles are expensive to produce and market, and thus we pretty much only see major sports with mass appeal turned into console experiences: FIFA, the NBA 2k series, Madden, etc. But through online flash games, mobile apps, and the casino industry as it exists on the Internet, titles based on more obscure sports have become pretty common.

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Justin Chon Talks ‘Seoul Searching’ Journey And Universal Story


Directed by Benson Lee, Seoul Searching is a 1986 set comedy about a group of Korean youths from all over the world who spend a summer in Seoul to connect with their culture. Justin Chon (Man Up, Twilight)  is Sid Park, a spiky haired rebellious youth who’s a fan of punk rock but not exactly a big fan of his own dad.

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Future Flicks: Bryan Cranston Connects With ‘Power Rangers’


Opening July 13, The Infiltrator is the true story of Federal Agent Robert Mazur’s (Bryan Cranston) attempts to take down Pablo Escobar’s drug trafficking empire in 1986. The project, directed by The Lincoln Lawyer filmmaker Brad Furman,  co-stars John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger as the agents are also doing undercover work with Mazur.

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Barbie Blank, Sasha Gates, And Tia Shipman On ‘WAGS’ Work Ethic


Though some may view the term WAGS (wives and girlfriends of sports stars) as a pejorative, Barbie Blank, Sasha Gates and series newcomer Tia Shipman provide context to the term. If you’re married, you’re going to be someone’s spouse anyway, and what truly counts is how hard you work for your family and career.

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‘Big Brother’ Rankings: Opening Night


We’ve got a new season of Big Brother upon us and as we all know, it’s time to expect the unexpected. But there are some things that are expected. We’ve seen siblings of past contestants before and we have two for sure. We’ve seen competitors from previous seasons return before and we’ve got four in the Big Brother house, and there are some who are not happy about it. Continue reading “‘Big Brother’ Rankings: Opening Night”

Exclusive: Jessika Van Talks ‘Seoul Searching’ & Acting Journey


Actress Jessica Van (TV’s Rush Hour & The Messengers) stars in Seoul Searching, a comedy that captures the spirit of John Hughes’ films from the 1980s  (The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink) and is inspired by director Benson Lee’s experiences at a summer program in Seoul, Korea. The movie, which I reviewed on Hollywood Outbreak, also received a great write-up in the New York Times, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Van to talk about Seoul Searching.

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Jena Malone Talks ‘The Neon Demon’ And Antiquated Female Myths

Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Only God Forgives), The Neon Demon centers on Jesse (Elle Fanning), a 16-year-old who ventures to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career. Jena Malone is Ruby, a make-up artist who becomes Jesse’s closest friend in the City of Angels, and it’s a union that leads down a nightmarish avenue.

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