Chadwick Boseman Talks ‘Black Panther’ Impact And ’21 Bridges’ Challenge

Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) produced and stars in 21 Bridges, the story of a police officer (Boseman) who has Manhattan closed off as he and his colleagues attempt to find a couple of cop killers (Taylor Kitsch, Stephan James). During a recent interview, Boseman talked about the physically taxing work schedule of 21 Bridges and the lasting impact of Black Panther.

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Review: ‘American Assassin’ (Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton)

American Assassin
I’m writing this in a haphazard fashion, so forgive the random stream of consciousness as I was just thinking about Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, a flick I definitely want to see. This relates to the salmon aside I’ll mention later in the review, but for now let’s concentrate on American Assassin. Review is below and sorry for the lateness!

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CinemAddicts Ep. 74: Mother!, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes
Anderson Cowan and I preview September movies we want to see and recap a couple of flicks we dug (or disliked) from August. Lots of movies to discuss, and I also throw in my two cents on several films from this month that I’ve already seen. Take a listen to the show below!!

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Taylor Kitsch Goes Fishing With ‘The Grand Seduction’

" THE GRAND SEDUCTION " (Photo: Duncan de Young)

Former Friday Night Lights actor Taylor Kitsch, after starring in such high profile projects as John Carter, Battleship, and most recently Lone Survivor, will next be seen in the comedy The Grand Seduction. Kitsch plays a city slicker doctor who moves to a small fishing village for a trial residence. The townsfolk are on their best behavior with the cricket loving doc, as they need a medical professional to secure a business contract that will employ its denizens.


The Grand Seduction (Photo: Duncan de Young/Max Films)
The Grand Seduction (Photo: Duncan de Young/Max Films)

Brendan Gleeson, who’s known for playing tough guys (In Bruges, Gangs of New York), is one of the many people who attempt to seduce the good old doctor into loving their town. The picture is directed by Don McKellar, the screenwriter behind the 2008 drama Blindness

The movie, which clocks in at a meaty 115 minutes, looks pretty charming and would probably fit on a double bill with Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. To see if Taylor Kitsch has a knack for comedy, check out the trailer below:

The Grand Seduction opens in select theaters May 30.