Kate Upton Forms Bikini Bond With ‘The Other Woman’ Co-Stars

Even though she’s one of the world’s top supermodels, Kate Upton must have felt a twinge of intimidation after landing a co-starring role in “The Other Woman.” With Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann leading the way, Upton had to show she could bring something valuable to the table.

I watched the film several weeks ago, and one of the comedy’s greatest assets rests in the chemistry among the three actresses, as they play women who have all been cheated by an all too charming philanderer (“Game of Thrones” star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Upton stars as a kind, nubile, and slightly spacey beauty who is the cheater’s latest girlfriend, with Mann chiming in as the cuckolded wife and Diaz playing an ex-mistress.


The Other Woman (20th Century Fox, CR: Barry Wetcher)

Upton’s most difficult scene was a beach scene which featured her in a sexy white bikini. “It was so amazing,” said Upton. “I’m so lucky. I didn’t know what to expect when I first came on set, and they opened their arms to me and made me feel really comfortable instantly.”

To listen to Upton talk about shooting “The Other Woman’s” bikini/beach sequence, click on the media bar below:

Directed by Nick Cassavetes (“Alpha Dog,” “The Notebook”), “The Other Woman” opens April 25.

Leslie Mann & Cameron Diaz Are “Soul Mates” In ‘The Other Woman’

“The Other Woman” centers on Kate, a sheltered Connecticut housewife (Leslie Mann) who plots revenge on her philandering husband Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). High powered exec Carly (Cameron Diaz) and nubile youngster Amber (Kate Upton), two ladies who were also seduced by Mark’s charms, join in on Kate’s quest to even the score.

Even though there’s enough comedy to be had, “The Other Woman” actually has its share of resonant moments, as the narrative delves into the growing friendship and bond among the three women. It may have its share of slapstick laughs and bathroom humor (Coster-Waldau has a sequence which made me queasy), but it’s the chemistry between Diaz and Mann which serves as the film’s shining star.

The Other Woman Press Conference

That chemistry was also evident during today’s press conference, as Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz answered a reporter’s question on if they truly believed in the idea of a soul mate. “I guess Judd is my soul mate,” said Mann, who married director Judd Apatow back in 2007. “Because we have a lot of hard times, but it’s great at times too. Maybe that means he’s my soul mate? Maybe? I don’t know!”

Click on the audio below to hear Mann’s full answer to the question, and Diaz also chimes in to add that close friends and companions should also be considered soul mates:

“The Other Woman,” directed by Nick Cassavetes, opens nationwide April 25.