John Leguizamo Profiled in “American Masters: The Boomer List”

The documentary American Masters: The Boomer List premieres on PBS Tuesday, September 23, and the documentary has director/photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders spotlighting 19 boomers from this highly influential generation.

One of the interviewees is John Leguizamo, an actor whose diverse career includes acclaimed on man shows and such standout films as Carlito’s Way, The Counselor and, more recently, Chef.

In the documentary, Leguizamo talks about the scant projects that were offered to himself and fellow colleagues Benicio del Toro and Luis Guzman (Leguizamo and Guzman starred together in Carlito’s Way).  “If there is a really great Latin role, it didn’t go to us,” Leguizamo said during the interview. “It went to, you know, Al Pacino or De Niro. I just knew that Latin people were really funny. My family was really funny to me. And we had incredible stories to tell. Where is that on TV? Where is that in movies? Where is that in plays?”

John Leguizamo in American Masters: The Boomer List (CR: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders)
John Leguizamo in American Masters: The Boomer List (CR: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders)

Even though showbiz has its share of challenges, Leguizamo pushed through and has carved out a successful acting career. During his Chef interviews John Leguizamo explains how “cooking is like acting.”

“You have to really pay attention – be in the moment. There is a generosity that happens in cooking because you’re nurturing. I think acting when it has that the generosity and you’re giving instead of trying to take, it’s the best acting you’ll ever see.”

To hear Leguizamo’s full answer, and why Chef is an analogy to the film business, click on the Soundcloud bar below:

Along with Leguizamo, Samuel L. Jackson, Billy Joel, David LaChapelle, and Maria Shriver are among the 19 subjects featured in American Masters: The Boomer List.

Connie Britton Talks “This Is Where I Leave You” & Adam Driver Collaboration

Based on Jonathan Trooper’s bestselling novel, This Is Where I Leave You centers on four adult siblings (Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Corey Stoll, Adam Driver) who return to their childhood home after the father passes away. Forced to live together for a week, they must set aside their differences and eventually comfort each other through this tragedy. Shawn Levy, whose previous credits include The Internship, Date Night, and A Night at the Museum, is the director.

This Is Where I Leave You is an accurate title for the movie’s production process, as co-star Connie Britton (she plays Driver’s well to do girlfriend in the feature), appreciated the picture’s close knit collaboration among the cast and crew.

“One thing that was noticeable about this movie was, and I think for Shawn Levy in particular, this was really a very important movie for him. He was very passionate about because I think he has also done a lot of big budget movies where there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen and a lot of agendas. This felt more like we were being entrusted with this gem and were able to let the creation of it happen right then and there.”

In the audio clip below, Connie Britton (Nashville, Friday Night Lights) talked about Adam Driver and how she almost worked with him, Lena Dunham and producer/writer Jennifer Konner on Girls.