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Review: ‘Between Us’ (Ben Feldman, Olivia Thirlby)

One of the drawbacks of attempting to watch a movie a day is, if you’re a horrible planner, you’ll spend a lot of wasted time wondering which movie you’ll want to see on that given day. Close to an hour of Netflix browsing led me to Between Us, which I initially viewed as an insightful, if not innocuous romantic comedy toplined by Ben Feldman and Olivia Thirlby. My expectations for the film were low, and thank goodness the don’t judge a book by its cover take applied to this first rate narrative. Review below!!

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Composer John Swihart Crafts A “Staten Island Summer”

John Swihart works at his studio up in the hills of Los Angeles, and it’s an area that’s been known as a music haven for many artists. Dreaming about music is one thing, but thanks to his extensive work on TV’s How I Met Your Mother and such first rate features as Napoleon Dynamite and Youth in Revolt (a highly underrated film), Swihart doesn’t have much time to luxuriate at the thought of making music.

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