Warren Christie Finds A “Beautiful” And “Special” Home With ‘The Village’

In today’s climate of political and social division, the freshman series The Village focuses on the priceless value of human connection. Cast member Warren Christie (Alphas, October Road) makes a good case on why the show, created by Mike Daniels (Sons of Anarchy, Shades of Blue), has potential for something special. Check out our video below!


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DVD Pick: “Into The Grizzly Maze” Is More Than Bear-Able


As movies about killer bears running amok in the wilderness goes, Into the Grizzly Maze (R, 86 minutes, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) is just what the doctor ordered. The narrative’s greatest asset, along with Bart the Bear playing the titular character, is its talented cast, which includes James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Piper Perabo, Scott Glennand Michaela McManus (recently seen in Aquarius).

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