Review: ‘Bullet Head’ Is A Pit Bull Thriller With A Ton of Bite

I have no idea if writer/director Paul Solet’s decision to stuff Adrien Brody in a piano was a not so subtle homage to Roman Polanski’s The Pianist. I also wonder if Solet loved the wish fulfillment endings of Carlito’s Way or Point Blank, but that’s neither here nor there, as though Bullet Head offer a few cinematic call backs, it’s a movie that stands on its own feet – even if it begins with man’s best friend . . .

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‘Unlocked’ With Noomi Rapace Hits Blu-ray In November

With such films as The Drop and most recently What Happened to Monday, Noomi Rapace has risen up my favorite actors list. Her latest film Unlocked hits Blu-ray November 14. Details on the disc and the movie is below!!

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Exclusive: Matt Shakman talks “Cut Bank” & “Heroes Reborn”

“There’s a mystery to film, there’s a beauty to film, obviously, that I think is very hard to recreate in the digital world,” says Matt Shakman, director of the first rate, small town film noir/Western Cut Bank.

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