‘It’ Blu-Ray Giveaway From CinemAddicts

Sorry for the giveaway delay, but the latest offering is my Blu-ray copy of  It (viewed only once), the hit adaptation of the Stephen King bestseller. Entry details are below! If you haven't seen It, the flick is a total keeper and, for me, the 135 minute running time didn't feel like a slog. The deleted … Continue reading ‘It’ Blu-Ray Giveaway From CinemAddicts

“St. Vincent” Director TED MELFI Talks Personal Filmmaking

St. Vincent, one of last year's most beloved films, was buoyed by inspired performances by a stellar ensemble ( Bill Murray, Naomi Watts, Jaeden Lieberher, Melissa McCarthy) and top notch storytelling from writer/director Ted Melfi. The narrative, which centers on the unlikely bond between a 12-year-old named Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher) and his crankier than thou neighbor Vincent … Continue reading “St. Vincent” Director TED MELFI Talks Personal Filmmaking