Eric McCormack Talks “Will & Grace” Reunion: “It Feels Like Home Now”

Will & Grace


Eric McCormack sat down during last week’s NBC Press Tour to talk about Will & Grace. A couple of takeaways: don’t expect a ton of guests during the new season and the actor is glad to be back with his previous collaborators. Two videos of McCormack are available after the jump:

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Janina Gavankar Gets “Buff” For ‘The Mysteries of Laura’

Debra Messing headlines the new series The Mysteries of Laura, as she takes on the role of Detective Laura Diamond, a skilled police officer whose daily dexterity is also pushed to the limits with her two unruly sons. Janina Gavankar also stars in the TV series as Meredith Bose, a detective who isn’t the most likable colleague in the NYPD.

“Meredith is what the homicide detectives that we hung out with in New York City -she’s what they call a ‘buff,'” said Gavankar, whose previous TV work includes recurring roles on True Blood and Arrow. “Which is somebody who takes their job maybe a little too seriously. She both looks up to Laura and is absolutely aggravated by her, because in Meredith’s opinion she works twice as hard as long every day as Laura and gets half the recognition – if that.”

During our interview with The Mysteries of Laura co-stars Gavankar and Laz Alonso (he plays Laura’s partner Detective Billy Sands), Gavankar elaborated on her “nerd-based” work process as an actress, singer, and a musician.

Also, if you’re a fan of True Blood, you may enjoy this post last week from Gavankar’s Twitter feed:

The Mysteries of Laura’s special preview airs September 17 at 10/9c (NBC).

Debra Messing Explores New “Domain” With “The Mysteries of Laura”


The Mysteries of Laura, premiering September 24 on NBC (8 pm et/pt), stars Debra Messing as the titular NYPD homicide detective and mother of two misbehaving kids. Couple that with an impending divorce with a fellow cop named Jake (Josh Lucas), and Laura’s plate is more than full.

“I think that she compartamentalizes,” says Messing, who also starred in NBC’s series Smash. “And work is her domain and she is at the top of her domain. To have (Jake) come in who represents family and all of the complications that come with divorcing and co-parenting. For him to be her boss, it’s just a nightmare.”

In the video clip below, Messing, who did the interview with Lucas, talks about how she relates to Laura’s  on the job “hyper-focus.”  She also can commiserate with her character regarding the challenges of raising a family. Check out the video below:

The Mysteries of Laura also stars Laz Alonso and Janina Gavankar.