Adam Sandler Wheels And Deals With Kevin Garnett In ‘Uncut Gems’ Trailer

Does anyone have a more night and day career than Adam Sandler? This year he came out with Murder Mystery, a Netflix comedy that I’m assuming is in line with most of other Sandler’s features (btw I’m a Sandler fan). Today we see the trailer debut of Uncut Gems, the latest film that delivers the critically acclaimed version of “The Waterboy.” Check it out below!

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“The Price Is Right” For Adam Sandler At Cannes!!!

The Meyerowitz Stories


Adam Sandler’s been the butt of many a cinema snob’s jokes (including mine) as the comedian has put out his share of critically drubbed movies (Pixels and Jack and Jill head the list). But maybe we’ve been a bit too harsh on Sandler (I know I have), and he’s getting amazing buzz at the Cannes Film Festival for his work in The Meyerowitz Stories (it’s written and directed by Noah Baumbach).

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Drew Barrymore Cries Over “Blended’s” Emotional Moments

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have undeniable chemistry, as proven with their previous hits “The Wedding Singer” and 50 First Dates.” Their third pairing, Blended, opens nationwide May 23.


“Aside from what we do together, I’m so in love with what he did, from Saturday Night Live and Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison,” said Barrymore when asked about what makes her collaboration with Sandler tick. “I love this person so much. He’s so amazing and I appreciated him. But when it comes down to that one on one, when it’s just us two alone on a playing field, it’s just total respect. It’s like giddy. Giddy respect.”

Blended – Drew Barrymore (Warner Bros. Pictures)

In Blended, they play single parents who decide never to see each other again after a disastrous blind date. Through circumstance, their families are stuck together at an African safari resort for a week, leading to disastrous (and one would assume, eventually harmonious and loving) results. Although the flick has its share of laughs, Blended also possesses an emotional core which resonated with Barrymore. 

Click on the media bar to hear Drew Barrymore explain why Blended actually made her cry (she specifically cites a scene she performed with co-star Bella Thorne):