Lucy Hale Loves Aria’s “Driven” Nature on ‘Pretty Little Liars

As Lucy Hale accurately states in the new Pretty Little Liars featurette, there’s “twists, and turns, and drama” in the upcoming Christmas episode of the hit show.

In the Tuesday, December 9 episode “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” (ABC Family, 8 pm) the four resilient ladies (Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer) search for proof that will keep Spencer (Troian Bellisario) from heading to jail. Along with the long running drama behind finding out “A’s” true identity, the episode should hopefully hold a bit of holiday cheer (amidst, of course, all that underlying deceit and darkness).

Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell in 'Pretty Little Liars' - ABC Family, Eric McCandless)
Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – ABC Family, Eric McCandless)

The new Pretty Little Liars featurette is below:

In other PLL related news, actress/singer Lucy Hale was interviewed for Yahoo Beauty’s new “Beauty Story” video series. During the chat, Hale talked about what she’s learned from playing Aria on Pretty Little Liars: 

“My favorite thing about Aria — she’s very driven. She’s also teaching me how to be a little bit more romantic as well. We’re very similar in a lot of ways, which is why I was drawn to her initially when I read the script.”

Yahoo also asked Hale about what five items she would bring if she was stranded on a desert island. To watch the video, go here.

Future Flicks: Director Atom Egoyan On ‘Remember’ & Christopher Plummer


I had the pleasure of interview director Atom Egoyan (Exotica, Where the Truth Lies, The Sweet Hereafter, Devil’s Knot) this week in Los Angeles, and during the session he was asked about another movie that he recently finished.

Remember stars Christopher Plummer, an actor Egoyan previously worked with on Ararat. In a Daily Variety piece, Plummer described Remember as a story that is “arresting and powerful beyond measure.”

Penned by Benjamin August, the project also stars Martin Landau, Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), and Bruno Ganz (Wings of Desire).

Atom Egoyan sums up Remember below:

Christopher Plummer plays a Holocaust survivor with early stages (of) dementia who thinks he’s found the person responsible for having killed his family in Auschwitz and goes on a mission to execute this person but keeps forgetting why.

What’s remarkable (about) the script is that (they’re) all these themes that are really close to me but it’s a really completely linear story. And yet the complexity of the characters is so fascinating and Plummer is extraordinary . . . It’s a pleasure to work with him again.”

To hear Atom Egoyan’s audio version of his answer, click on the media bar below:

The Captive, which premiered exclusively on DirectTV on November 13, hits theaters December 12. I’ll have more posts on The Captive, a thriller which I really enjoyed, in the coming days.

Mireille Enos & Ryan Reynolds in THE CAPTIVE (A24)
Mireille Enos & Ryan Reynolds in THE CAPTIVE (A24)


The Captive’s Boilerplate Summary:
In this psychological thriller from Academy Award Nominated director Atom Egoyan, Matthew (Ryan Reynolds) steps briefly into a diner and comes out to find that his young daughter Cassandra has vanished without a trace from the back of his truck. Her unsolved abduction destroys Matthew’s once-happy relationship with his wife, Tina (Mireille Enos), who, haunted by mementos of Cassandra that appear mysteriously at her work, suspects her husband of foul play. Years later, when detectives Nicole (Rosario Dawson) and Jeffrey (Scott Speedman) discover recent images of Cassandra online, Matthew risks everything to ensure his daughter’s safe return—and to save himself and Tina from the limbo of unrelenting despair. Kevin Durand, Alexia Fast, and Bruce Greenwood co-star.

‘Beautiful Noise’ Documentary Premieres On Vimeo On Demand

Beautiful Noise

I love watching videos on Vimeo, as it’s a streaming service that’s never done me wrong. One of the projects that’s caught my eye is the documentary Beautiful Noise, which is now on sale as a digital download on Video on Demand:

The documentary centers on a period of music in which musicians mixed their proverbial wall of sound in a unique fashion, infusing guitar instrumentation into seemingly conventional pop song driven melodies.

The documentary, directed by Eric Green, contains interviews with members of Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, Swervedriver, Lush, Pale Saints, Curve, AR Kane, and Medicine. Music icons Trent Reznor, Robert Smith, and Billy Corgan are also featred in the doc.

Beautiful Noise premiered May 31, 2014 at the Seattle International Film Festival and globally June 8, 2014 at the Sheffield International Film Festival. Other fests which featured the documentary included the Don’t Knock the Rock Festival in Los Angeles and the Sound + Vision Festival at Lincoln Center.

‘Remote Area Medical’ Is A Bracing Look At Lives Affected By Healthcare

Remote Area Medical is a documentary which focuses the universal need for efficient healthcare, but instead of taking a pointed political stance on the issue, filmmaker Jeff Reichert and Farihah Zaman take viewers on a personal journey of RAM’s three day clinic at Tennessee’s Bristol Motor Speedway.

Shot in April 2012, the documentary contains extensive interviews with patients of Remote Area Medical (an estimated 2000 people were treated during RAM’s pop-up stop in Tennessee). Since Bristol rests within the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, many of the people reside amidst this scenic environment.

Remote Area Medical - Cinedigm

But a beautiful view and living in open country doesn’t translate into excellent medical care, as many people can’t even afford a doctor or a dental visit. In the documentary, viewers witness a man who gets his blood pressure taken in the nick of time, a woman who undergoes a much needed X-ray, and several more than thankful patients getting several of their teeth extracted (these are the doc’s hardest to watch sequences) . Even obtaining a new pair of glasses and dentures is a luxury these patients can’t afford, but thanks to RAM those needs were met.

“We want the movie to stand as a document of the time that we were there and the people that we met,” said Reichert, who previously directed the 2010 film Gerrymandering. “There’s something kind of wonderful in documentary (filmmaking). You can watch something happen and share it with people who couldn’t actually be there to see it.”


For the filmmakers, the documentary’s focus came into clearer view during the editing process.

“With most good documentary filmmaking, you have to be surprised,” said Zaman who, along with Jeff Reichert, volunteered at a Remote Area Medical clinic in 2011. “For one thing, it became more about the place itself. The beauty of the landscape – specifically growing up in Appalachia we sort of delved (into it) in a way that we didn’t expect. Also we talked about a film that was completely vérité which the final film is not. We did those interviews in the film that became the structural backbone of the (documentary).”

Remote Area Medical opens today in Los Angeles and other markets. For more info, go to its official site.

Remote Area Medical (MPAA Rating: none. Running time: 80 minutes). Los Angeles venues: Lammle’s Musical Hall 3 in Beverly HIlls and Lammle’s Town Center 5 in Encino.