‘I Am Ali’ Documentary Hits Blu-ray & DVD in November

Currently playing in select theaters and On Demand, I Am Ali comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on November 11 via Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Directed and by Clare Lewins, I Am Ali (PG, 112 minutes) spotlights boxing’s biggest icon through a series of archival footage, audio journals collected by his children, and interviews with Muhammad Ali’s intimates.

During the I Am Ali roundtables, I asked Clare Lewins about the film’s Blu-ray and DVD release. Although she did not confirm that it will be on the disc, she did mention a wonderful interview she had with actor/singer Kris Kristofferson that was left off I Am Ali’s final cut.

Hopefully the Kristofferson footage will be featured on the Blu-ray and DVD release, but nonetheless I Am Ali is a first rate documentary that gives a closer look at the pugilist’s immense love for his family (his daughters Maryum and Hana are among the children interviewed in the doc).


Click on the media bar below to hear Clare Lewins talk about the Kris Kristofferson footage that was left off I Am Ali:

Muhammad Ali’s Deep Familial Love Explored in ‘I Am Ali’


One of the many takeaways behind I Am Ali, the inspiring documentary on iconic pugilist Muhammad Ali, is the sincere and deep love he has for his family. Hana Ali and Maryum Ali are two of the children that are interviewed in the film, which also features a plethora of archival footage from the boxer’s illustrious and history making past.

Select sound clips Audio journals collected by Muhammad Ali (and dutifully kept by Hana Ali) are also interspersed in I Am Ali, giving viewers a more intimate look at the boxer. “My best moments are the places of worship with him,” said Maryum Ali during today’s interviews for I Am Ali. “Because he would want to go to prayer service and open the Koran and read and talk to me about life and spirit. That stays with me every morning I wake up.”

Hana Ali also talked about the deep bond she shares with her dad. “I have so much appreciation and love for my father in my heart, that I feel like I am going to explode sometimes,” said Ali, who is currently working on a book on her father that’s tentatively titled At Home With Muhammad Ali: His Untold Legacy. 

Hana Ali & Mayum Ali - "I Am Ali" (Focus Features)
Hana Ali & Mayum Ali – “I Am Ali” (Focus Features)

Click on the media bar below to hear Hana Ali talk about her close-knit relationship with her father (Maryum Ali is also heard in the clip) and the biggest challenge of writing the book:

I Am Ali opens in theaters, On Demand, and Digital HD on October 10.

Maryum Ali, Hana Ali at 'I Am Ali' Press Day.
Maryum Ali, Hana Ali at ‘I Am Ali’ Press Day.