“The Price Is Right” For Adam Sandler At Cannes!!!

The Meyerowitz Stories


Adam Sandler’s been the butt of many a cinema snob’s jokes (including mine) as the comedian has put out his share of critically drubbed movies (Pixels and Jack and Jill head the list). But maybe we’ve been a bit too harsh on Sandler (I know I have), and he’s getting amazing buzz at the Cannes Film Festival for his work in The Meyerowitz Stories (it’s written and directed by Noah Baumbach).

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“While We’re Young” Images With Ben Stiller & Naomi Watts

When We're Young - Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts (A24)
Ben Stiller reteams with Greenberg director Noah Baumbach for While We’re Younga comedy centering on a middle-aged couple (Stiller, Naomi Watts) whose lives are reinvigorated upon their friendship with two energetic lovebirds (Adam Driver, Amanda Seyfried).  Charles Grodin and Beastie Boys member Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz co-star in the flick which opens in NY and L.A. March 27 (wider release in April). 

New images from the film were released today:

Ben Stiller - While We're Young
Ben Stiller – While We’re Young (A24)

Former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, who produced and provided original music for Greenberg, is once again collaborating with Baumbach to score While We’re Young. According to Music Times, the soundtrack will contain cuts from Foreigner, Lionel Richie, and A Tribe Called Quest. 

Ben Stiller & Naomi Watts - "While We're Young" (A24)
Ben Stiller & Naomi Watts – “While We’re Young” (A24)
NAOMI WATTS - "While We're Young"
NAOMI WATTS – “While We’re Young”