Review: ‘Between Us’ (Ben Feldman, Olivia Thirlby)

One of the drawbacks of attempting to watch a movie a day is, if you’re a horrible planner, you’ll spend a lot of wasted time wondering which movie you’ll want to see on that given day. Close to an hour of Netflix browsing led me to Between Us, which I initially viewed as an insightful, if not innocuous romantic comedy toplined by Ben Feldman and Olivia Thirlby. My expectations for the film were low, and thank goodness the don’t judge a book by its cover take applied to this first rate narrative. Review below!!

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VIDEO: Anne Heche “Thrilled” With “Dig” Experience


Actress Anne Heche stars in the new event series Diga Gideon Raff (Homeland) and Tim Kring (Heroes) project which explores the action-adventure genre on a deeper level. Amidst the globe trotting set pieces are mysteries which will hopefully entice viewers, and the first episode premieres tonight on the USA Network (10 pm et/pt).

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