Trailer Dreams: Enemies Closer Doesn’t Give A Van Damme!!

Enemies CloserJean-Claude Van Damme experienced a career up tick with the 2012 release The Expendables 2, and know he’s reunited with filmmaker Peter Hyams (Timecop, Sudden Death, The Relic) with Enemies Closer.

The narrative centers on a forest ranger and former Navy SEAL (Tom Everett Scott) who’s targeted by a vengeful stranger (Orlando Brown). Their date with destiny is placed on hold, as they must band together to fight a group of drug runners bent on finding their cargo.

I audibly laughed when the words “He’s locked and loaded, he’s out of his mind, and he doesn’t give a Van Damme” flashed across the screen.

The “muscles from Brussels” looks crazy as a fox in the trailer, and the hair stylist behind Van Damme’s coiffure deserves tons of credit for its over the top flair.

Check out the trailer below, and feel free to comment below. Enemies Closer comes out January 24 in select theaters and On Demand. I’m a huge fan of the Van Damme/Hyams hockey action flick Sudden Death, so I’ll definitely be giving this film a shot.