Series Premiere: Rake’s Origin Story Stems From Late Night Converstations

Premiering tonight, Rake centers on a criminal defense attorney (Greg Kinnear) who lives to the beat of his own drum, much to the chagrin of his ex-wife (Miranda Otto), a call girl (Bojana Novakovic) he’s enamored with, and his frustrated assistant (Tara Summers). The show is based on Peter Duncan’s hit Australian series, which featured Richard Roxburgh in the lead role.

“I was intrigued immediately when I saw the show (and) the mess of that guy,” said Kinnear. “That absolute lack of need for approval is a hugely attractive thing, especially if you’re an actor. Getting to play a guy who really isn’t interested what you think is really cool element for me.”

In the clip below, Peter Duncan talks about the creative genesis behind the original Rake: