Matthew Morrison On Glee’s 100th Episode: “It’s Been Quite A Ride”

The 100th episode of Glee airs Tuesday night, and for Matthew Morrison, his first scene on the show was opposite late actor Cory Monteith (when Will Schuester accused Finn Hudson of having weed in his locker).

With an impressive milestone achieved, Morrison can now appreciate 100 episodes worth of hard work. “Five and a half years later, here we are,” said Morrison. “It’s been quite a ride. We’ve had extreme highs and terrible losses as well, but it’s been a ride. We are such a family, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Glee (FOX, CR: Adam Rose)

Emmy winning actress Jane Lynch has experienced a huge character arc as Sue Sylvester, a woman who’s known for her manipulative tendencies. Due to various tragedies and personal defeats over the seasons, Sylvester has show a welcome vulnerability that has endeared her to the New Direction crew as well as Mr. Schuester.

“One of the things about Sue is that she’s in the process of mellowing and realizing that she doesn’t have to wage a battle to get what she wants,” said Jane Lynch. “Now that she’s the principal, she’s actually genuinely concerned with the welfare of the school.”

Click on the media bar and listen to Jane Lynch give her take on Glee’s continued popularity:

Airing Tuesday night on FOX (8 pm et/pt), Glee’s 100th episode will also feature Chace Crawford as Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) new boyfriend.

Gillian Anderson Describes ‘Crisis’ As An “Unbelievable Page Turner”

Premiering tonight on NBC (10 pm et/pt), Crisis centers on a group of kidnapped Washington, D.C. students who are the victims of a conspiracy plot that’s aimed at the president of the United States and a high powered executive named Meg Fitch (Gillian Anderson). Dermot Mulroney is Francis Gibson, a “slightly disgruntled CIA analyst” who is one of the adult chaperones that accompanied the teenagers, and Lance Gross is a wet behind the ears Secret Service agent tasked with protecting the President’s son.

“One of the great things about these characters is they all have a personal connection to the story, even as the story gets more wilder and extravagant,” said Mulroney, whose TV work includes a recurring role on New Girl and the HBO series Enlightened. “That’s the dramatic pull of the story, so as actors we would always bring our imagination and parts of our personal life to the character.”

The show was created by writer/director Rand Ravich, whose skills at crafting complex characters is evident in his previous TV series Life, a show which featured inspired work from Damian Lewis (Homeland) as a wrongly imprisoned cop whose surprisingly positive outlook masks his true intentions.

In the video below, Gillian Anderson, who describes tonight’s pilot as a total page turner, talked about what drew her into the world of Crisis:


Theo James Channels Paul Newman Swagger With ‘Divergent’

Theo James, along with the rest of the Divergent crew, has been doing their share of press these days, and the British actor received his share of YouTube notoriety (and we mean that in a good way) earlier this week by swallowing a raw egg on the Late Show with David LettermanSince Sylvester Stallone and Letterman each downed two eggs earlier in the evening, the affable James was more than ready to follow suit.

It’s these type of appearances, but most importantly his much talked about role as Four in Divergent, which should see a huge uptick in James’ promising career. Displaying an easy charm that’s matched with a rugged sensibility, the actor is definite leading man material.

During a recent press conference held in Los Angeles, the actor, whose previous film credits include You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger and Underworld: Awakening, talked about making smart choices with his future roles now that Divergent is on his resume. 

“I don’t think I’ve experienced it too much to be honest at the moment,” said James, who also headlined the CBS series Golden Boy. “The press tour we just did was interesting because suddenly we saw some of the fandom, but I don’t think perceptions of me has changed massively.”

“I think it will be important for me as I go on, because there are potentially three films, to make choices that are, as much as I love the character, to make smart choices that are different from him and the world that he everyone else in the film inhabits.”

In the following audio clip, Theo James talks about what makes Four a unique, masculine protagonist (he mentions Paul Newman in his response).

Divergent, co-starring Shailene Woodley (The Spectacular Now), opens March 21.

If you haven’t seen the egg swallow sequence on Letterman, check out the video below:

Ben Briley on ‘American Idol’ Exit: “Nobody Is Going To Outwork Me”

American Idol (FOX, CR: Michael Becker)

Ben Briley was eliminated on this week’s American Idol, and if the adage that adversity builds character rings true, then this Tennessee native will still be standing long after this season is over.

“If you want something, you got to take it. You got to go out and get it,” said a determined Briley after his elimination. “And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

But first things first. Briley, who performed Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” this week, plans to take a much needed respite before hitting the boards once again. “I’m going go home, and I’m going to take a really long nap and hang out with my wife and have a glass of whiskey and a big ole steak for free, hopefully. I think I’ve earned that at least.”

The steak and whiskey comment, considering Briley’s candid and effusive personality, should be taken with a dash of humor. When it comes to his career, however, the singer is extremely serious and focused about his future opportunities.

Click on the audio bar to hear Ben Briley talk about his success, as well as his feeling of personal gratification, for the American Idol experience:

My favorite moment from Briley came with “Turning Home,” as it perfectly captured his down home, countrified persona. He also has solid vocal range, so take a gander below if you haven’t seen the performance:

Scarlett Johansson Goes ‘Under the Skin’ With Scotland Production


In Under the Skin, Scarlett Johannson plays a mysterious being whose seductive siren song leads to its share of tragedy for the humans who are caught under her spell. The picture is directed by British filmmaker Jonathan Glazer, a visualist whose previous movies (Sexy Beast, Birth) has led to frequent comparisons to Stanley Kubrick and Roman Polanski.

Under the Skin

The picture is based on Michael Faber’s book of the same name, which centers on an alien who tracks down hitchhikers in the Scottish highlands, and for the production Glazer decided to shoot his film in Scotland. This creative choice led to a greater sense of anonymity during the production, and it’s this sense of space which should give the movie an added sense of atmosphere and narrative depth.

During the New York press conference for Under the Skin, Scarlett Johansson talked about how shooting in Glasgow helped Glazer fulfill his overall vision. “The way that Scotland looks itself, it’s so raw and is immensely beautiful, breathtakingly so,” said the actress, who was seen (or heard) last year in Her. “It’s almost other worldly.”

Click on the audio below to hear Johansson talk about working on the Scotland based production:

RPG Adventure ‘Dragon Fin Soup’ Heads to Kickstarter

Dragon Fin Soup, the flagship title for nascent indie RPG game studio Grimm Bros, has started a Kickstarter campaign. The developers are targeting a minimum of $24,000 to “add additional polish, features and content” to their title, which is slated for release this year on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, and PlayStation Vita.

The game contains a pretty dark storyline (the darker the better in my opinion), as players take on the identity of Red Robin. An alcoholic and bounty hunter by trade, Robin loses her memory, and when she attempts to move on with her life, the past inevitably catches up with the present. Along with the pure joy that’s derived from supporting indie game developers, backers will be treated to art books, t-shirts, engraved crystals and hand-drawn illustrations.


Dragon Finn Soup (Grimm Bros)
Dragon Finn Soup (Grimm Bros)

“Dragon Fin Soup is our debut title, and we’ve been pouring our hearts and souls into crafting a fantastic game experience,” said Grimm Bros CEO Ash Monif. “As an indie studio comprised of veteran developers, we see Kickstarter as a great platform to connect with gamers and make Dragon Fin Soup a phenomenal experience.We’re indie because we really want to make the kind of games we would personally enjoy playing and don’t want to compromise our vision to outside influences. Dragon Fin Soup reflects that in every way.”

The game’s mixture of classic console RPG style storyline along with a dash of the dungeon crawling dynamic (not to mention the excellent title) has me intrigued. For more info on the game, check out its official page.

‘Growing Up Fisher’s’ Jenna Elfman On Origins of Comedic Timing

Growing Up Fisher - Season 1 (NBC, CR: Andrew Rubenstein)With her work on Dharma & Greg, the short-lived 1600 Pennand now Growing Up Fisher, Jenna Elfman has crafted a solid acting career that’s partly anchored by her impeccable sense of comedic timing. Of course, a bit of that elusive charm and a subtle sense of self-confidence are also part of the mix, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to place her in a lineage that includes Carole Lombard, Judy Holliday, and Carol Burnett.

During our interviews with the actress, Elfman talked about presenting Burnett collaborator Tim Conway with an 80th birthday cake. “That was awesome for me,” said Elfman, who also cites Harvey Korman, Lucille Ball, and Judy Holliday as influences. “I kind of couldn’t believe it, because I used to sit in front of the TV with bated breath waiting for them to break down laughing. I was obsessed with them.”

Growing Up Fisher - Season 1 (NBC, Colleen Hayes)As for Growing Up Fisher, one hopes the show’s easy as pie chemistry among the leads and the solid comedic writing will constitute for a long TV life. Inspired by executive producer DJ Nash’s childhood, Growing Up Fisher airs Tuesdays on NBC (9:30 pm et/pt). The last episode, titled “The Date from Hell-nado” contains a memorable sequence in which Joyce Fisher (Elfman) is asked out on a date while shopping at the supermarket. Actually, the whole episode has a bunch of memorable moments (including Mel Fisher comparing his son to a Prius), so give the show a shot, especially if you value well executed comedy.

I’ve always wondered how Elfman developed her sense of comedic timing. Click on the video below and find out:


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