Digitally Restored ‘Cinema Paradiso’ Previewed At Egyptian Theater



One of this week’s AFI Film Festival highlights came at the hands of renowned filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore, as a worldwide preview of his digitally restored masterpiece Cinema Paradiso took place November 10 at Los Angeles’ Egyptian Theatre. The event spotlighted the 25th year anniversary of Cinema Paradiso’s release (the picture won Best Foreign Film in 1990).

Actor/director Danny DeVito introduced Tornatore to the audience before the screening. Actors Al Pacino, Mark Feurstein, Nastassja Kinski, Gisella Marengo, and Dolce and Gabbana model Kate King were among the screening’s attendees.

Giuseppe Tornatore, Danny DeVito

The Cinema Paradiso restoration was completed by Immagine Ritrovata di Bologna and overseen by Tornatore and cinematographer Blasco Giurato.

In a statement, Tornatore talked about how Cinema Paradiso’s effect has not dissipated over time:

It is a film present constantly in my daily life. Journalists never cease to question me about the reasons and the contours of this adventurous experience. In whatever country an audience attends, I always feel a throbbing emotion, so for me it is completely unnatural to believe that all those seasons have passed. It seems to me to be an arithmetic error, a passage of time poorly recorded, or at least hazardously so. Furthermore, the memory of working on the movie is fresh in my mind as if I had made ​​it only a few months ago. So many friends and collaborators shared this adventure with me, and we speak of it whenever we meet, although many have abandoned us in the meantime.  I also happen to return periodically to the places where I imagined and realized the film, because it is not uncommon that someone comes to shoot interviews or documentaries about NuovoCinema Paradiso, and they ask me for news, testimonials, and information.  I experience it, therefore, as a work that essentially has never ended.

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