App Review: ‘Pocket Troops’ Is A Stellar Strategic War Game

Don’t let the cutesy graphics and occasional humor fool you, Pocket Troops is a multi-layered strategic war game that, especially since it’s free-to-play, is worth a look. I’ve devoted about four hours of gameplay to this iOS title, and my love for Pocket Troops hasn’t dissipated.

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Chillingo Partners With Codemasters With “Battle Decks”


Chillingo has always been one of my favorite mobile games publishers, as I’ve spent many an hour playing and reviewing a multitude of their addicting and entertainment apps. Their venture as an EA subsidiary was seamless, and now it’s teamed up with Codematers to publish its upcoming, strategic-based title Battle Decks.

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‘Fire’ From Daedalic Entertainment Hits PC & iOS in March

Daedalic Entertainment has changed the release date to its Stone Age set game Fire. Initially set for a January release, the game is available hits PC and Mac on March 26 and reaches iOS on May 28.

With Firegamers take on the role of Ungh the Neanderthal, a clumsy adventurer who’s on the search for fire. Ungh’s history with flames is a bad one, as his village burned down while under his watch. By utilizing the environment and animals around him (mammoths, bats, and dinosaurs), the caveman’s thirst for fire continues to burn.

Fire - Daedalic Entertainment
Fire – Daedalic Entertainment

Fire is currently available as a Steam pre-order, giving buyers a 10% discount. 


Fire - Daedalic Entertainment
Fire – Daedalic Entertainment


Stephen Curry To Help Re-Launch Backyard Sports Franchise

Backyard Sports - Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors point guard (and Splash Brothers member) Stephen Curry has teamed up with Day 6 Sports Group for the re-launch of Backyard Sports

The digital game franchise debuted in 1997, and under its latest iteration it will be available on tablets and smartphones – with Curry serving as the face of the franchise.

“I grew up playing Backyard Sports, and having an opportunity to help bring it back to this generation of children is something I’m really thrilled about,” said Curry, whose sharpshooting skills has led the Warriors to NBA prominence.

“Re-launching a brand that was so iconic is an exciting step for us,” said Jim Wagner, CEO, Day 6 Sports Group. “And partnering with the NBA and Stephen Curry is the perfect way for us to engage with both our existing community of fans as well as the next generation of Backyard Sports players.”

Backyard Sports NBA Basketball is set for a spring 2015 release. For more info, please go to

Marvel Contest of Champions Gets Cosmic On App Store & Google Play


Marvel Contest of Champions is a free to play app that is now available in the App Store and on Google Play. The game, a collaboration between Kabam and Marvel Entertainment, contains over 25 unlockable characters from the get-go.

With Marvel Contest of Champions, gamers will craft a group of heroes and villains taken from Marvel’s extensive universe, and along with single player campaigns there’s also player vs. player (PVP) mode for gamers who love a bit of online competition.

A sign that this app may have legs lies in its creative direction, as Marvel Comics scribe Sam Humphries (The Legendary Star-Lord) penned the game, which features a group of heroes who team up to take down such other worldly villains as Kang the Conqueror and Thanos.

“It was awesome working with Kabam to develop a unique storyline for a video game that stays true to the Marvel Universe,” said Humphries. “Watching the heroes and villains come to life as playable characters on my phone is beyond epic.”


“We could not be more excited about Marvel Contest of Champions,” added Jay Ong, VP of Games, Marvel Entertainment. “The team at Kabam has done an amazing job of translating the heroic combat and dynamic visuals that Marvel fans know and love into an action-packed gameplay experience for mobile devices.”

To download Marvel Contest of Champions for iOS, please go to this Apple Store link.



‘Animal Hospital 3D Africa’ Hits App Store December 4

On December 4, publisher Tivola GmbH are publishing Animal Hospital 3D Africa for Apple’s App Store, the Amazon Appstore for Android, and Google Play.

Available in nine languages, the free to play title was nominated for “Best Mobile Kids Game 2014” by the German Game Developer awards jury.

Tivola will also release the apps Dog Hotel 3D, Hippo Sports, and Teddy the Panda in December. All of the titles are kid-centric and for adults who refuse to grow up.

Animal Hospital 3D Africa - Tivola GmbH
Animal Hospital 3D Africa – Tivola GmbH

The trailer for Animal Hospital 3D Africa is below:

 Animal Hospital - 3D Africa (Tivola)

iOS News: ‘Call of Duty: Heroes’ Releases Worthwhile Weekend Bonus


Since I’m a veritable cheapskate who prefers spending my cash on food and drink, free to play titles like the recently released Call of Duty: Heroes will always grab my attention (for my detailed review of the game, check out my Arcade Sushi review).

Starting today, owners of COD: Heroes as well as newcomers who download the game will receive a 20% bonus on their PVP (player vs. player) battles through the end of this weekend. Getting as much oil and gold currency is of utmost importance since your COD base will consistently be attacked by other players. Gold and oil is primarily used to upgrade and build your weapons/units/buildings, but a huge chunk of your resources will be depleted from base invasions.

For details on this weekend’s deal, check out the photo below:

Call of Duty: Heroes – Activision

Call of Duty: Heroes has a ton of gameplay and, along with Boom Beach, it’s a must play app on my iPad.

If you’ve stumbled upon this COD post, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Call of Duty: Heroes as well. Until then, I’ll head back to my base for a bit of housekeeping.

Call of Duty: Heroes - Activision
Call of Duty: Heroes – Activision

Call of Duty: Heroes is now available as a free to play download at the App Store.



‘Star Wars: Galactic Defense’ Debuts On iOS & Android Devices

Star Wars: Galactic Defense is a free to play, tower defense title that features iconic characters from the iconic universe. The game is now available on the App Store for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Google Play for Android devices, and the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire and Android devices.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense adds its own flare to the traditional tower defense genre and brings the excitement that was once limited to a galaxy far, far away, right to your fingertips,“ said Barry Dorf, DeNA vp of partnerships and alliances. “The game packs beloved characters, iconic locations, tactical gameplay, and heart-pounding battles into one exciting mobile experience.”


Since i’m an iOS guy, I’ll be downloading the game to play on my iPad. I’m always cautious whenever the freemium model is used, so hopefully Star Wars: Galactic Defense offers a ton of gameplay without immediately necessary in-app purchases/premiums.

I’ll be playing the game over the next several games and posting my review on this site. But for now, check out the trailer and, if you have actually played or are planning to play the game, feel free to comment below!!